@toriitorii! :D I did it! Even if it was like months later xD

Equestria Girls + ML crossover = Timber Spruce and Sci-Twi (Twilight Sparkles from Equestrial Girls universe) in Chat Noir and Ladybug outfits respectively xD

I watched the latest Equestria Girls movie out of whim quite some time ago and saw/loved just how similar Timber Spruce was to Chat Noir in terms of mannerisms (puns and dorkiness) xD There’s a reason why ¬ u ¬


I’M SCREAMING THE KNIGHT ANOLE HATCHED AT 58 DAYS!!! I’m a little concerned because the longer they stay in the egg the more time they have to absorb the yolk and there was yolk still in the egg but!!! It tried to bite me despite obviously being exhausted. I’m mad because I was going to get everything next week so now I don’t have crickets until after work. :c

The cage has got cork and plenty of silk plants, has a heat lamp I just need a UVB bulb which, again, I was going to get later haha. It’ll just have to wait till I get out at 4.

I’m so excited and nervous I hope he lives. Babies are just so fragile I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong or he’ll die. I’ve done this before with crested geckos but I’m still anxious!

Been working on actual dozens of autograph cards and operating on remarkably little sleep, so I think I find this guy more amusing than he actually is.  

Wanted to cameo him for a piece and found myself wondering why someone who has the most unique talent in all of Equestri- namely being a Badass Barbarian and Certified Salesman of Exotic Monsters and Exotic Monster Accessories- doesn’t have a cutie mark.  

It’s a mystery!

Feel free to use him for whatever, although ideally it should involve Owlbear wrestling.