Leaf beetle, Monocesta equestris? by Andreas Kay
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Chapter 3

It had taken them a couple of hours to get ready for the journey. The other two escorts were simple knights; she was surprised she could recognise them. Not long before she had met them under another Protégé, Almir. An unconventional guy, but mostly occupied in security ; she had never happened to see him on a real battlefield. She had never asked why he never accepted other kinds of tasks neither she looked forward to know. However, seen the other knight’s experience, she doubted they would have met any trouble.

She had informed them that another person would have travelled with them, currently under her protection. They had nodded understanding the situation, and didn’t come back on the issue. They had put on the provisions chests and made sure that the horses were ready. After checking that every recruit on the list was present, they assured all of them had on their left forearm the tattoo of the old symbol of the circled omega. Whoever bore that mark on their skin was under the knights’ care; it was a precautionary measure taken several years before, when the people had thought there wouldn’t have been the need for a military force to protect them from the demos anymore. A time everybody preferred to forget.

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Redemptio Ordinis Equestris moodboardsAida Cattanei

Knight of high rank: Protégé

In her life, at least up until that moment, there had never been a halfway, a grey zone. […] However, in her soul, so tightened and hurting, the idea that that grey area might have been herself started slithering in. That nothing would have changed if she had sullied her own name, instead of her mission’s. All that mattered was the monster’s head rolling on the ground and his blood running down her sword. She would have accepted her punishment and maybe she finally wouldn’t have had to bear the screams of the ghosts that tormented her at night.

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Equestria Girls + ML crossover = Timber Spruce and Sci-Twi (Twilight Sparkles from Equestrial Girls universe) in Chat Noir and Ladybug outfits respectively xD

I watched the latest Equestria Girls movie out of whim quite some time ago and saw/loved just how similar Timber Spruce was to Chat Noir in terms of mannerisms (puns and dorkiness) xD There’s a reason why ¬ u ¬