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So many thanks for the birthday cake by Terra, and for the greetings from you! *He smiles*

//Mod: Thank you guys! I even got a warm hug from Candela herself, too! :-)

@toriitorii! :D I did it! Even if it was like months later xD

Equestria Girls + ML crossover = Timber Spruce and Sci-Twi (Twilight Sparkles from Equestrial Girls universe) in Chat Noir and Ladybug outfits respectively xD

I watched the latest Equestria Girls movie out of whim quite some time ago and saw/loved just how similar Timber Spruce was to Chat Noir in terms of mannerisms (puns and dorkiness) xD There’s a reason why ¬ u ¬


At the Prom, Part 7

Ft. Royal Oak and @equestrial-ocs‘s snake-fearing Betty, and naturally @askinsanejack

There’s a bunch of other OCs in the background, some asked to be there, others I just added ‘cos I like 'em, sorry they’re draw crude and nude, almost ran out of time and very, very tired.

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Its not that I’m opposed to the word “femboy” it just wasn’t a word I really thought about until more recently. ~ Spirit Roots

When I originally designed Spirit, I was aiming for more androgynous, which I obviously missed based on the fact that most assumed he was a mare. I blame the hair. He was supposed to be based on me in a lot of ways, my 3 or 4 feet of hair included. Honestly “femboy” wasn’t in my vocabulary until the beginning of this year, so I would have never considered Spirit to be one at that point.

Anyway, the conversation in here is actually based off of a conversation between me and @equestrial-ocs about the subject of if Spirit was a femboy. I figure she broke the news to me, so Helenita might as well brake the news to Spirit ^^

Thanks for the questions! ( @ask-yiu I know you aren’t the same blog as when you asked this, so I apologize for that )


Seriously, everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I am really grateful that you did. It really put me in a good mood today, which just doesn’t happen on my birthday. So I really really appreciate the birthday wishes and the relationships that I have with all of you. I’m going to list all of the people who wished me a happy birthday (through messaging or the ask box):

In order received (I think):









anonymous (whoever you might be)





I’ll do another one of these if I get more, but I really mean it when I say thank you. This meant a lot to me.

Commission for @equestrial-ocs. Cutest drawing I’ve ever done. She requested just a drawing or her oc Eleanar either drawing or watching anime, but she’s like my sis so I went above and beyond for her. I added Peri cuz this poor filly is an orphan like Peri was, so I thought it’d be sweet if Peri took her in and gave her a place to call home in the orphanage she runs. I hope you like it girl :3