As an equestrian, I think about dying a lot. I’ve escaped death so many times since I’ve started riding. Everytime I fell, I thought ‘I could’ve ended up dead!’. If there comes a day where I end up dead as a consequence of a fall whilst riding, I just want people to not blame the horse I rode that day and to know that I died doing something that made me happy throughout life. 

Horses have injured me, have made me cry, made me swear, pissed me off until my breaking point, made me do stupid things, made me hate myself, made me hate other people, made my heart break, put my heart back together, been there when I was alone, always tested me, tried me, put me in bad situations, made me think, made me work, push them, work harder, faster, better than anyone else, made me jeal…ous, made me self-centered, made me happy, abused me, used me, thrown me to the ground, torn me apart, healed me, helped me, loved me, made me laugh, put me down , helped me up, made me a better person, made me want to help others, In every aspect of who I am, horses are there. They have made me the person I am today. Equestrianism is my passion and always will be.