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The Pony Pixel Comics Reminiscing part 4. Unknown chapter number draft - Part 1

Proposed chapter (no number yet): The Crystal Empire.

The Tardis Lands in a snowy landscape and but the dark looming city doesn’t escape the Ponies. They all decide to go investigate and realize soon that they are in the Crystal Empire, during King Sombra’s reign of terror. Their eyes meet the chained up Crystal Ponies and shadowy pony guards, who immediately arrest them for, well not looking like the Crystal Ponies and are accused of being spies of Equestria.

They are brought to the Castle and stand before King Sombra himself who decided to see to those Equestrians personally. The Doctor realizes that this is before his pony species made contact with Equestria so he plays along, knowing he can’t reveal that they are time travelers to the evil sorcerer king.

After a brief interrogation the guards ask if they are to be executed. King Sombra considers it but figures why waste potential slave labor and has them sent to the mines. But as they are being escorted out, he suddenly has the magical chains around Foxy stop her saying that she’ll stay.

The confused ponies are trudged off to the mines. Private’s magic has been rendered inactive and they can only wonder what the king wants with Foxy Stripes. They can only hope she’s safe, they then begin to see if there is a way out of this situation.

Meanwhile it does turn out that King Sombra is very interested in Foxy. He especially wonders about her stripes and her taller than regular appearance. Foxy doesn’t know really what to say, but just says she was born with them and she’s always been like that.

Sombra seems somewhat interested in that though he also seems to enjoy intimidating Foxy and says that’s it is good she is afraid of him. Although he says she’ll be a guest in his castle he does not remove her chains or wing restraints. “Can’t have you try and escape and free your friends, now can I?” he says as he has her escorted to a guest room.

The ponies try to work in the mines while planning their escape but are finding it increasingly difficult to think, except the Doctor it seems he’s more resistant to whatever is happening and something definitely is happening to their minds. A spell of some sort is trying to break in and break their will. The Doctor implores them to try and fight it.

King Sombra continues to work on Foxy, turns out that he’s very interested in her and considers her rather beautiful and unique. Foxy spurns him at first, warning him that evil sorcerer king or no, if he begins sprouting poetry and sweet talks she will deck him. Sombra laughs it off and promises no sweet talking. He still stands by his word, Foxy tries to sarcastically ask if they are alike or something, but Sombra says no. Sure he could spin a wild sob story how he was mocked in his youth as well for his looks but no, nothing of sort happened.

The Sorcerer king just seems to like Foxy like she is and not because they have something in common. That actually startles Foxy as she’s never had a stallion admitting something like that, unless they were trying to get her into bed but again Sombra refutes that being his intention. (if asked, Sombra will probably grunt at people’s obsession with sex, mocking that sure he can force himself easily on Foxy if he wanted too. But why should he? Just because he’s evil sorcerer king who enslaved an entire empire, doesn’t mean the first thing on his mind when seeing a mare is to have sex with her.) Sombra’s main motivation is power and there are other ways to power than just hump something.

 Post chopped up in two parts due to length.

Oh what could have been.

This chapter would have introduced King Sombra into the comic, yes I had plans for him even back then. He was meant to become the big bad of the comic, the ultimate main villain. The most difficult for the characters to deal with. I was not going to hide the fact that I was Sombra fan. XD

Strictly speaking though the characters shouldn’t have known who King Sombra was or the Crystal Empire since the comic was still happening before the show. Then I again I was keeping it open just in case the comic had caught up with the show when I finally did this chapter.


I’m so excited for this horse you have no idea!! :D So this is Misty, she’s a 20 yr old Arabian mare that I’ll be using (free lease I think it was called? Idk I’m very very new to this) anywho, we got her from a family friend who has no use for her atm which works out well for both parties. We boarded her right before we left for Scotland and she’s settling in the pasture now but hopefully she’ll be in better shape for me to try riding her when I get back home ^-^

(Read this while playing the video HD is your friend)

After what all happened you’re still here
But Why?
Why do you even stay at my side?
Why don’t you just go home?
Why did you come suddenly to me?
Why do I have this feeling?
all those questions that the girl asked in her head about him.
She never had a home she never know what love meant.
She’s alone and had nobody
Until a pony saw her lying in the cold snow, He wanted to help her.
He came every day to that girl and made her happier in the most simplest ways.
The girl had still cold but she had a bright feeling inside that made her warm.
They grow up together, both learned from each other what love means:
Someone else happines..
They just had still that bright feeling that survided the cold winter nights
She finally understand why he did not left her..
After all he was just a pony that has no home either and just wanted someones love.

I get to ride the young horse I started this week while his owner is on vacation. He’s so funny! He has the fluffiest mane, it looks like it exploded. He’s grown a bit since I last rode him and his balance has gone to hell. He uses his neck to balance himself and I’ve been working on getting him to use himself better. Baby steps for the baby pony. I’ll try to take some pictures tonight!

Olympics-Equestrian-Globetrotting horses take flight for Rio

By Alan Baldwin
LONDON, July 28 (Reuters) - Pegasus, the winged white stallion of Ancient Greek mythology, may have been the equine world’s first frequent flyer but today’s Olympic horses are the real globetrotters racking up the air miles.
The biggest and heaviest competitors in the Games are heading for Rio on charter flights from Europe and North America that can take 40 horses at a time. Most have done such journeys many times before.
“These horses are so used to it,” New Zealand’s British-based double individual eventing gold medallist Mark Todd, preparing for his seventh Olympics at the age of 60, told Reuters. “They do it so often.
"Apart from the takeoff and landing, when they are in the air they get a smoother ride than driving down the road where there’s all the twists and turns and accelerating and slowing down.
"For them it’s probably an easier trip.”
Vets and grooms travel with them, keeping feed and water levels topped up, and each horse has a ‘baggage allowance’ of 300kg of kit.
The first eventing charter leaves London’s Stansted airport on Friday for an 11 hour and 40 minute flight to the first Olympics in South America. Others depart over the weekend from Liege in Belgium and Miami.
Dressage and showjumping horses have separate flights.
Flying from Stansted will be British-stabled horses from teams including New Zealand, Australia and China and all will have undergone a 14-day period under vet supervision in sterile yarding.
“We basically get all the horses to one yard, to Mark Todd’s yard, and they get picked up by the official carrier Peden,” New Zealand equestrian’s high performance director Sarah Dalziell-Clout told Reuters.
“(On the flight) they are in a box that contains them so it’s not like they can move around. They are stationary and there’s a bar in front and a bar behind.”
Shipping agents Peden Bloodstock have flown horses to the Olympics since Montreal in 1976. For the 2008 Beijing Games, that meant flying 287 horses into Hong Kong on 57 aircraft from around the world.
On arrival in Brazil the horses, who sleep standing up, will travel under police escort along a “bio-contained” route to the Olympic venue at Diadoro.
The trickier part has been negotiating local regulations and bureaucracy which mean teams must list everything imported, down to the hoof picks.
“The Brazilian authorities have been really strict on what can be brought into the country,” said Dalziell-Clout.
“It does strike some of us as a little bit strange… because they’ve certainly got conditions over there like Glanders (a potentially fatal horse disease) that other regions don’t have. But they are taking a very strict control on it.” (Additional reporting by Caroline Stauffer in Rio de Janeiro, editing by Sudipto Ganguly)

Burberry files lawsuit against rapper

Burberry has filed a lawsuit against American rapper Burberry Perry.

The British luxury fashion house has this week (ends31Jul16) filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in Manhattan federal court against Perry Moise, who calls himself Burberry Perry.

Burberry alleges Moise has used the label’s signature check pattern and equestrian trademark in connection with his album as well as on his social media platforms. According to WWD, Burberry specifically alleged that Moise, who gained recognition for his production in Lil Yachty’s debut single 1Night, is using the “fame and renown of the Burberry trademark for his own personal gain, to promote his albums, garner media attention and grow a fan base, all to the detriment of Burberry.”

The firm claims that they tried on multiple occasions to get Moise to cease using their imagery, with court papers stating that Moise adopted the “Burberry Perry” stage name without the company’s consent. A court document also stated that Moise’s lyrics contain extensive use of profanity, and said in their complaint that his use of the Burberry trademark is causing consumers to “mistakenly believe” that he is affiliated with Burberry in some form.

Burberry, helmed by creative director Christopher Bailey, is based in London and retails ready-to-wear outerwear, accessories, fragrances, sunglasses and cosmetics. In the past, the brand has entered into a number of music-related ventures with stars such as George Craig, Elton John and George Ezra, including its use of their images and music in marketing campaigns.

“As a global luxury brand, Burberry considers the protection of its intellectual property vital for the health of its business and to safeguard its customers,” a Burberry spokesperson told of the lawsuit. “As such, Burberry goes to great lengths to protect its creative designs and will take all necessary action against the abuse of Burberry trademarks.”

Burberry is seeking preliminary and permanent injunction against Moise.

Shortly after news of the lawsuit broke, the rapper shared a picture of the TMZ article with the caption, “EL OH EL” (an abbreviation of “laugh out loud”) along with a laughing emoji.

However, Moise - who released a R-rated spin on the Mister Rogers theme song in May (16), which included a controversial musical debut from Kylie Jenner - is yet to make any official statement on the lawsuit.

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