It’s got nothing to do with me. I keep saying it’s got everything to do with this community and what we can achieve when we work together and so much of it as you know is being led by strong and determined women in this community who have been organizing and active who recognize that we can’t — we can’t go back in time.

Political newcomer Jon Ossoff, speaking ahead of a special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

In several ways, this closely watched special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District is a microcosm of national gender politics right now. Many liberal women see themselves as fueling what they call the “resistance” to President Trump and the Republican agenda, and they paint the GOP as a political force with a decidedly anti-woman agenda. The Republican side fights against that “war on women” messaging, and many women furthermore resent the idea that they’d ever let gender be a factor in their political lives. And on both sides, abortion and Planned Parenthood loom large.

From: What Georgia’s Handel-Ossoff Runoff Can Tell Us About Gender Politics Nationally

Oh no, you scratched until I bled
I hope you choke on your own spit in your own bed

‘Cause I know
I know how it ends
We’re not gonna be friends
In dog years you’re dead

strong early contender for song of the year imo. second only, i think, to HUMBLE. the slow crawl of the heart-shaped box bassline into that fucking batshit post-chorus solo, less like an introduction of melody and more like a wounded animal shrieking and clawing at the confines of its cage. and then the reprise at the end, where the vocalist’s scream mingles with the hissing of the guitar until the two are indistinguishable from each other. spectacular.

The puzzling thing about Stephen Colbert is that he’s very friendly but distant with his female guests, but a shameless flirt with every attractive man who crosses his path. The first time I noticed that I assumed I was reading the situation wrong, and the second time I thought maybe I was missing an inside joke or something, but now I have to wonder - does he do that because he’s naturally flirty and a) he doesn’t want to make his guests uncomfortable (because, well, being hit on by someone who’s interviewing you is not the best experience for women but, like, Brad Pitt doesn’t mind his married friend horsing around - different context) or disrespect his wife or b) this is actually a subconscious thing and he genuinely finds guys attractive and he just can’t help himself? 

Whatever the reason, he’s absolutely adorable. 10/10 would protect until the end of times.

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You can tell when someone isn't physically disabled when they think that a trip to the hospital will fix you right up like you've broken a bone. If I were to have checked myself in the ER when I was risking organ failure due to an untreated autoimmune disease they would have just sent me home with no treatment or prescriptions. I had to wait to see a specialist and it's taken two years for me to get to a point where I can work part time. Should I have been in the hospital for two years bro?

didnt veil say that quinn wouldnt suvive past fall? i was hoping that the whole theme with the seasons and passing of time was foreshadowing quinn dying of the tumor mid-fight, so sunny would be spared from killing him and veil would get out ok and it would be this hopeful sign that sunny wasnt going to share nathaniel moon’s fate

like… i mean… i started watching itb because i heard that it’s loosely based on journey to the west, which is largely positive and hopeful and comedic, and in just about every adaptation you KNOW that every member of the main party will survive past the end of the story. and that last part is kind of important? you dont need to kill off the good guys to make a story enjoyable or emotional