This was hilarious.

So I took my stallion out to the paddock, he was extremely happy, prancing around like a deer. All of a sudden he got to this corner full of flowers, he panicked for a second because he couldn’t see the ground so he decided to jump over the flowers as if he was going over some cavalettis. 

I love him <3 

Watching Charlotte’s reaction to the sound of the crowd behind the stands at London 2012 had to be the most amazing part of the games for me. It was so emotional that it made me cry, knowing how much Valegro meant to her


Ever wondered how horses travel overseas?

In their very own air stall of course! These are some pics of the Aussie horses starting their journey to France for the World Equestrian Games! It will take approx 30 hours with 2 stopovers. Each horse will travel with around 30-40 litres of water and a bale of hay!

Pictures via Equestrian Australia: