equestrian trends

We’ve got a new horse!
Meet Geronimo. He’s a 6 year old hanovarian gelding by Granit. His owner wants my boss to ride him in competitions because his previous rider wasn’t good enough with him.
November ‘15.

I have this one pair of breeches that I bought when I was like 11 and they have fit me through all my fat phases and are still going. So now whenever I buy a pair of breeches and they don’t last for like 7 years I get really offended and go on this whole rant about quality until I realised that actually these breeches are really just the horsey version of the sisterhood of the travelling pants…

if I start doing rootd’s will you guys like me?!?!? hahah alright so it’s actually getting nice out so I can start wearing real outfits without putting 12 layers over it. super simple today, Ralph Lauren long sleeve v neck top with tailored’s and a tailored belt too. might put on a super light north face just incase it gets cold later
if you guys care I might start posting more of these

that background pony that I made Banana’s wife

her official name is apparently Four Step (she didn’t have a name before)

I’m fucking dying over here

Her enterplay card description:

Four Step stays on top of the latest Equestrian dance trends by attending every high culture event she can.

It’s fate.