equestrian therapy

Today I took a huge step and admitted to my counselor that I have been having thoughts of dying. We determined that I’m not suicidal, because I remember what that’s like. It’s more so that I just want the trauma to go away, and that’s the only way I know how to make it go away. I’m strong willed enough that I don’t see myself ever putting a plan into place. But we agreed that these thoughts should be treated just as serious as if I actually had a plan. We discussed a new type of therapy that she would attend with me. So I might get to do equestrian therapy, which is super exciting! And I love that she’ll be able to do it with me. That won’t be for weeks. But it’s still something to look forward to, because I’m basically all out of options on how to deal with the trauma. If y'all could please, please be praying, I would appreciate it so much! Thank you! ❤