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Reasons you should watch Netflix’s “Free Rein”

First of all, it is LITERALLY the plot of Star Stable Online.

Girl from big city decides to spend her summer on a small island off the coast of Europe, along the way she ends up at a small stable on the moors. 

They teach her how to ride, not without drawing the attention of the stable’s resident Popular girls however. Plus, she also attracts the attention of the most popular girl’s boyfriend who doubles as her riding instructor.

Soon, mysterious things start happening and talk of magic and monsters begin to plague the stable. New girl and her friends decide to take on the dark force by themselves.

She spends her summer solving crimes and exploring the island on her wonderful soul horse, all while learning more about herself and her friends.

Secondly, there are so many horse puns its actually amazing. The cast is adorable, it’s got wonderful messages and and relationships between characters, I don’t wanna spoil anything either but the drama gets real, and literally all of the SSO characters have a counter-part in this show i swear.

  • The main girl, Zoe Phillips is our character,
  • Mia, Susie, and Rosie are the Bobcat girls,
  • Marcus is Justin and Pin is Josh,
  • Becky and Jade are Alex and Linda,
  • Elliot is Thomas Moorland, and Sam is Jenna!

It’s a quality horse show, (which there aren’t many of), it’s got so many SSO references and coincidences that I just pretend it’s actually about Jorvik. Wonderfully touching themes about letting go, loving your friends, and respecting yourself. I have cried while watching this show I swear, but there’s plenty of lighthearted fun content of friends just hanging out at a barn and bonding over a passion for horses.