equestrian property

Florence is the daughter of an English witch and a Welsh muggle. Her father, Owen Anthony is a race horse trainer, the son of a Welsh farmer. Her mother, Marie Anthony, is the daughter of a ministry of magic employee and his stay at home wife.
Aurora was raised on a small farm, an equestrian property, helping her father with the horses and her mother with the magical creatures (mostly thestrals)
She received her Hogwarts letter, surprising both parents due to her never really having shown many signs of magic in front of them.
She was sorted to gryffindor like her mother
When war broke out in 1914, she was 16. She lied about her age and became a nurse in the war. She doesn’t talk about that period of her life.
After the war, she returned home to recover before eventually deciding to move to the united states of America for a fresh start.