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Best Young Jumper by emmett.hume
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2015 Furlong & Associates Best Young Jumper - Everglades VDL - owned by Allwyn Court and ridden by Katherine Newman September 20 in the $65,000 Princeton Young Jumper Championships. Kashmir van de Schuttershof x Indoctro x Nabuur x Notaris

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Signs as Olympic Sports

Aries - Judo

Taurus - Equestrian

Gemini - Basketball

Cancer - Swimming

Leo - Tennis

Virgo - Cycling

Libra - Diving

Scorpio - Volleyball

Sagittarius - Boxing

Capricorn - Athletics

Aquarius - Football

Pisces - Gymnastics 

Summer Olympics AU

So I love the Olympics and I love Voltron so this crossover was inevitable

  • No one’s age really has to change in this AU because the Olympics are mostly populated by 15-35 year olds anyway
  • Lance, Keith, and Pidge are USA athletes, Hunk is Canadian, Allura is British, and Shiro is Japanese
  • Allura is a track and field athlete with a really successful modeling career on the side
  • Coran is her wacky coach who has a few medals himself from previous Olympics, and they’ve got a really close, father-daughter type relationship
  • Keith and Lance are swimmers and act like they’re sworn enemies and always trash talk each other in interviews.
    • Years later, even after they start dating, get married, and adopt a kid together, they keep acting like they hate each other because they love messing with the media
  • Pidge is a gymnast and does her floor routines to the memeiest of songs 
    • Famous tracks include Stronger Than You from Steven Universe, Bop to the Top, the Mmmm Whatcha Say Jason Derulo remix, and Never Gonna Give You Up (Instrumental)
  • Shiro is a gymnast on the Japanese team and befriends Pidge when he hears her listening to Vocaloid 
    • Shiro meets Pidge’s brother Matt, who’s just there as a spectator, and lowkey falls in love with this dorky engineering major
    • Matt’s only thought it “hot(have you seen the male gymnasts this year?? they’re all gorgeous af)
  • Hunk is an equestrian athlete from Canada and adores his horse, and her name is Bannock
  • They all squad up against the “aliens,” AKA the athletes they all know are on steroids but managed to cheat regulations
    • Notable arch-enemies included Zac Khan (Zarkon? get it?? i try) in track and field, Helga “the Haggard” in gymnastics (Lance gave her the nickname), and Sendak in swimming
    • They all vow to ensure that none of them get any medals, even if it means the squad loses medals in the process 
  • Lance tries to flirt with Allura when he first meets her, and she (”jokingly”) judo-flips him with one arm and threatens to hang him by his ears from the top floor of the Olympic Village dorms. Pidge films it and it briefly goes viral
  • Lance’s mom is used in those For Mom® P&G commercials
  • Whenever other athletes are being interviewed Lance either runs up and dabs in front of the camera, or sneaks up behind them and scares them
  • Lance convinces everyone to get Olympic tattoos at the end of the competition. Everyone agrees except Pidge, who says it would ruin her “aesthetic” 
  • They don’t all go home with medals, but they do go home with something more; the gift of friendship (and maybe some hickeys)
Because you are not only operating your own two legs, but four additional legs that are not attached to your body.
Because your ethics can determine your success.
Because when every sensor and nerve in your brain tells you to move right, you might be forced to move left instead.
Because you speak using more than just your lips.
Because you and your teammate do not speak the same language.
Because your teammate could end your life whenever they choose.
Because you cry, sweat, and bleed because of what you do.
Because you smile, laugh, and live another day because of what you do.
Because when your teammate calls at 2 a.m. with a stomach ache, you run to them.
Because it is your responsibility to provide the best for your teammate, as well as yourself.
Because your daily practice does not end once the coach goes home.
Because even after 40 years of experience, you still have much to learn.
Because buckets filled with water weigh much more than you ever expected.
Because it is your job to know what your partner wants before your partner does.
Because anybody can do it, but it takes commitment and sacrifice to do it well.
Because you have fooled the world into believing that “you just sit there.”
Because you worked for it.
—  Why should an equestrian consider themselves an athlete?

alexmasklayer  asked:

For real tho where are all the Olympic!voltron headcanons?🤔

Do I look like I know any sports? Lmfao I kid, I kid, I always get super invested in the Olympics. I did some research and here are some sports I could see the team doing:

  • Lance would do Shooting, Water Polo, or Sailing
  • Hunk would do Weightlifting, Shot Put, or Wrestling
  • Pidge would do Archery, Table Tennis, or Badminton
  • Keith would do Fencing, Judo, or Gymnastics
  • Shiro would do Equestrian Eventing, Sailing, or Athletics (maybe pole vaulting?)
  • Allura would do Tennis, Equestrian Eventing, or Volleyball
  • Coran would do Fencing, Tennis, or Equestrian Eventing (probably Shiro and Allura’s coach)

Equine scientists have collected evidence to prove how the miniscule eye movements of elite riders can determine their success in show jumping. In a world first, the team at Nottingham Trent University have been able to use state-of-the-art technology to compare the ‘visual strategies’ of riders of varying experience, providing the first detailed insight into the gaze behaviour of elite equestrian athletes.

super cool.

Ἐνάτη Μεσοῦντος/ Ἐνάτη ἐπὶ δέκα / Ἐννεακαιδεκάτη, XIX day

From today’s sunset: nineteenth day of Mounychion.
The nineteenth is always dedicated to purifications and apotropaic rites.

Olympia Athenon, Olympieia: “It was the nineteenth day of the month Mounychion, and the horsemen conducting the procession in honour of Zeus were passing by the prison. Some of them took off their garlands, and others gazed at the door of the prison with tears in their eyes. And it was thought by all those whose souls were not wholly savage and debauched by rage and jealousy, that an impious thing had been done in not waiting over that day, and so keeping the city pure from a public execution when it was holding festival.” (Plut. Phoc. 37.1)
“Games of Zeus”, equestrian and athletic (added later by Emperor Hadrian to celebrate the completion of the Temple) competitions.

Anthippasia, main contest at the Olympieia (cfr. IG II² 3079)
“When the Hippodrome is the scene of the display, the right plan would be that the men should first be drawn up on a front broad enough to fill the Hippodrome with horses and drive out the people standing there. In the sham fight when the regiments pursue and fly from one another at the gallop in two squadrons of five regiments, each side led by its commander, the regiments should ride through one another. How formidable they will look when they charge front to front; how imposing when, after sweeping across the Hippodrome, they stand facing one another again; how splendid, when the trumpet sounds and they charge once more at a quicker pace! After the halt, the trumpet should sound once more, and they should charge yet a third time at top speed; and when they have crossed, they should all range themselves in battle line preparatory to being dismissed, and ride up to the Council, just as you are accustomed to do.”
(Xen. Cav. 3.10-12)

(Horseman with birds and a winged figure, perhaps Nike. Lakonian black-figured kylix, ca. 550–530 BC. Now in the British Museum..)