New proyect in progress!
Last week was very hard and I was very busy but here I am again with new projects in mind and commissions!
I’m doing many dapple gray horses because for me they are the most difficult to paint and I want to do them right. With effort and patience everything is possible :) I’m working hard for you! I’m also trying to do new backgrounds, hope to be doing it well!
If you want prints or a portrait of your horse and you need information about prices send me an e-mail to my e-mail address: ^-^

“Black Tears”

Mixed media of watercolor and acrylics in 30x40 cm watercolor paper size.
Wow is so difficult try the dapple grays not look like a meaningless jumble of circles haha I’ve tried and I hope you enjoy it as I do. I think the background gives some personality to it ^-^

Information about prices and portraits on request:
Instagram: @lullaby_equine_art