Awwww yiss! Look at what has arrived! My design for the 1 Bit Equestrian coin! 8D I’m very pleased with how they came out, so if I can I’ll definitely be making more with the other designs. For now, these bad boys are on sale!

The coin is 1.5 inches big and is in an antique gold finish (the US quarter used in the right-side image for scale). The design is of Equestria’s national bird, the phoenix, with the words “Equality, Love, Unity” in Latin on the front. The worth of the bit is on the back with the horseshoe that represents the country’s unity under the princess sisters’ rule. The coin comes with a free black velvet pouch for safe-keeping.


-$20 a coin with domestic US shipping INCLUDED
-$25 a coin with International shipping INCLUDED

How to order:

Send me a message (preferably use the Submit button on my page) titled COIN PURCHASE with this information:
   -Name: (the name you preferred used when the coin is shipped to you)
   -Email address (the email that you use for your paypal)

**NOTE: If you don’t have a paypal but still would like to buy a coin, STILL TELL ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. I can send you an invoice where you can pay via credit or debit card.**

NO. of Coins remaining:  4

And that’s all the information I think is needed. Also, to those of you who have already preordered your coin, I will spend the rest of this week sending them out. If you have not fully paid the coin off you have until 12/13/2014 to do so, otherwise your coin will be put back up for sale and you will get a refund of the amount you put down for your pre-order.

If you have any questions, however, feel more than free to ask me! :3