equestria time


Sing crossover version: The Auditions

Some draw I did last night of my favorite scene from the movie

Grizz as Gunter - Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (it’s my favorite one, so funny)

Luna Loud as Ash - I don’t wanna by Scarlett Johansson and Beck Bennett

Max Goof as Johnny - Stay with me by Sam Smith

Fluttershy (human) as Meena - Chandelier by Sia (But, she just too afraid. Because of her stage fright.)

Branch as Mike - Pennies from Heaven by Frank Sinatra

Nicole Watterson as Rosita - Firework by Katy Perry

Greg Universe n’ Tree Trunks as Buster Moon n’ Ms. Crawley

Sing © Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures

Other cartoons © other studios



Equestria Girls: Friendship Games deleted duet between Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle, in a scrapped story line about Sunset wanting to go back to Equestria.


© Melanie Martinez

I love flea market shopping because I end up with all kinds of brushes of dolls I will never buy. I currently own the creepiest doll brush of all time, an Equestria Girls one that is shaped like Fluttershy’s head.

  • ponies twilight is willing to forgive: a teenager who brainwashed an entire school and threatened to invade Equestria as an evil demon; a jealous unicorn who enslaved an entire village and forced them all to lose their cutie marks because of a bad experience and created various timelines of apocalyptic Equestria once her plans were ruined; and a draconequus that is literally the god of chaos and brought the entirety of Equestria into peril, 3 TIMES, as well as rendering their main form of defense useless
  • ponies twilight isn't willing to forgive: a stage magician that was just trying to perform in ponyville one time

OH MY GOD I DREW A HUMAN! ( Non Toilet paper-attatched version )

I drew a human for the first time in like a year ( or 2 months if you care to scroll back in my blog that long )
Twilight is a Dweeb.
Spike is weird.

Inspired by Equestria Time ( AKA that thing I just reblogged )