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Do you have a crush on someone? Who?

I keep getting this question, so let me take this opportunity to recommend that you read through past issues; they are all available for order free of charge for all Equestrian citizens and there’s even a hoofy index available which will help you locate specific topics based on keywords.

Simply write a letter to Central Distribution with a request for the issues you need, or the index sheet.

Central Distribution
Newsletter Department
Equestrian Royal Mail
23 Papyrus Street
Canterlot, Equestria

If you’re not within Equestria you should inquire with the distribution method you use to read the newsletter, as there may be an alternative method available. Possibly there’s additional information on the back of the newsletter. I have very little insight into how the newsletter is redistributed elsewhere however, so I cannot give specifics.

I understand some are newer readers who have not seen these questions answered before, and I don’t begrudge your interest. However, my time is limited and I just cannot keep answering the same questions over and over, as this would be a poor use of time and not particularly informative. And frankly, quite tiresome.

Also, no.


Equestria Inquirer at BronyCon 2013 (by EverFreeRadio)

Here’s a special video announcement from Equestria Inquirer.