equestria girls toy

Announced today at New York Comic Con! New Equestria Girls mini fig line coming!!
I am so proud to be part of the design crew on these and I’m THRILLED how they’re coming together. My project lead has done an incredible job developing and helming this whole new line and it’s all thanks to her that EG and MLP fans will soon have an awesome new set of dolls to collect.
These are 9 point articulated vinyl figures and the Mane 6 are only the beginning!!

I don’t have a release date for the toys nor can I reveal if/when other characters are coming.
Can’t wait to get my hands on them :)

*sigh* it’s monday again and I hve a test on saturday, no sketchs this week ~

But anyway, back to the point, lately I have seen a lot of SciTwi x Sunset fanart, from my point of view its more natural to ship Sunset with Princess Twilight … since u know … the two are former ponies, and she was the first to give Sunny a chance to prove herself *but thats just me*

So which ship u prefer? SciTwixSunset or PrincessxSunset? ☀️✨


i got my amazon package today with Frost, adagio and scitwi. I’ve been horse mad lately. pony everything. tbf before monster high i was pony mad too. Sunset shimmer is best not pony though and I need the other one of her in the new pack coming out. The 2 applejack’s i got from the flea market and I’m planning to turn the non jointed one into a pony mania AJ.


As we continue to get ready for Bronycon this year, my owner is going to try to cosplay as Equestria Girls Twilight, so basically we will have matching outfits. We were fortunate that his sister was able to take the sewing job and get the outfit done in time. It should prove to be interesting none the less. If you see us feel free to say hello. I hope everypony is enjoying their week so far. Also IT “aka Mega Sparkle” is not going this year, IT wants to go to Hascon this year instead.

portaljumper339  asked:

I think what that anon meant was "If it wouldn't be much trouble, perhaps you could draw some of the characters for the Equestria Girls films holding plush toys of their Pony equivalents?" Only, ya know, nicer.

oooh, i see.

wish i could, but i just don’t have time to do requests. if you want it to be a commission that’s fine but other than that, i’m too busy :( i need to focus on commissions and patreon and christmas drawings. sorry about that.


SEA PONY! My Little Pony the Movie Mermaid Princess Skystar Seapony Toy …


Good Evening/Morning Everypony, I have just completed the doll’s modification. Being the first time I have ever attempted something like this, I am very satisfied with the results. My owner has a three day weekend coming up, so we are hoping to be able to get out and about and maybe we can pick up another Equestria Girls doll to mod, I had fun doing this. Thank you everypony for the feedback which helped me decided to take this project on and curve the direction it went, with out the input I don’t think it would have came out as well as a it did. 


Here is my Twilight Sparkle doll made from Jane Boolittle. I never intended to make a Twilight out of the mane 6 (in fact Pinkie Pie was on my list next) because she has this weird dark blue shade of hair and there wasn’t any Monster high doll with that lavender kind of skin tone. but hey, Jane Boolittle had the perfect combo of skin tone and basic haircolour I had to make a Twilight from her.

Jane had a line in her scalp which almost could have made a parting but I brushed it to lay on one side and rooted in the pink and purple stripes in his hair, then boil permed it straight and to lay down properly.

I’m super happy how she turned out though because now I have my top 3 favourite Mane 6 characters as dolls haha.