equestria divided

And this is not our fate.
House Moon and StarCanterlot
Sunshine Teashop and Cafe
Early Morning

Sunshine woke up in his bed with a start, legs kicking at the sheets as he sits up and looks around in a panic as he looked around the room, still caught between the dream and the waking world as he felt his heart pound in his chest.
The Earth Pony gives a few deep sighs as he tried to bring it down to something normal. His hooves were shaking as he sat in the bed, finally he gave a shuddering sigh before he slipped out of the bed, careful to not wake up his husband as he made his way to the bathroom. Mane tousled and breath sour as he got ready for the day, first drinking some water from the tap with a few deep licks, the final mouthful he swishes around in his muzzle and spits out, his muzzle feeling fresher as he then focuses on his mane, getting out a brush and straightening out his mane to something presentable.
Looking into the mirror he forced a smile, “There ya go Sunshine. Just another day….A special day….The best day.” He mumbles too himself as he walks out of the bathroom and see’s his husband beginning to wake up.
Walking over he nuzzles the Unicorn a bit till he awoke, Stone looking and smiling, “Hey there. Up already.”
Sunshine nods and walks over to the window and throws open the curtains, “Yeah I’m fine, I just…It’s going to be a busy day today.” He lies as he wears that forced smile on his face, the last thing he wanted to do was get his husband worried about him. The larger Stallion gets up and slides out of bed muscles rippling and flexing in the morning light as he took a deep breath, “What a beautiful morning.” He says with a genuine smile. “Hey there sunshine why don’t we perk ya up a bit?” He says with an ever widening grin as he nuzzled at the underside of his neck, bringing an honest smile to Sunshines face, “Maybe later. We gotta get the store open….Your still going to help a bit today right?” Sunshine asks giving Stone a hopeful look.
The white stallion nods a bit and winks, “Of course. I promised didn’t I?” Sunshine nods a bit and slowly starts to feel better, “Well I’ll get dressed first and you can freshen up….Wear your nice suit. The one that matches your coat with the black tie.” He says nearly skipping out of the room. His nightmares receding to the dark corner of his mind.

Shortly after cleaning up and getting dressed the pair walked out of their home, dressed well and standing close together as they walked down the street in the early morning hours.
Overhead the city the glimmering city shield glowed a soft magenta. A flight of Seraphs and Firebirds zoomed overhead on patrol.
Catching Sunshine’s eye he looks up at the delicate looking Seraphs as they made their way across the district.
“I remember when the Wonderbolts used to fly over Canterlot….” Sunshine says in sudden nostalgia.
Stone looks up as well and stays silent for a moment, “You shouldn’t say such things Sunshine…At least not…” He looks down and see’s his Husband looking back at him with that nostalgic look. He wasn’t going to reprimand his husband….Not today….Never today.
“I…Yeah…..I remember….” He leans over and rubs shoulders with the leaner male. Feeling the tenseness in his body loosen. “It was fun to watch them after the ceremony I still can’t believe we got them that day….One of the last times they flew.” He reminiscences fondly.

As they continue to walk down the street, it was still early in the morning and rather empty other then the odd patrol or delivery cart rattling down the cobbled street. The city had retained much of it’s luster and magnificence. Even after such a harsh decade. The store fronts were still cheery and bright as the various shop owners began to get ready for the day. Down one of the main streets Sunshine and Stone reached a store corner and to their shop.

The first thing the pair noticed was the smell of tea leaves along with the gentle wafting smells of food and freshly baked bread and greens as the cart from the bakery began to pull up and offload the morning supplies for the ovens inside. The outside cafe having a number of tables ringing with a small chest high wrought iron fence tables while the inside seemed to be more packed with ponies chatting and laughing. Steam sticking to the windows from the hot piping tea. Camellia was probably inside already making the morning brew for the three of them. A true friend of the family….
Most of the places on the street though seemed to be various houses with a number of well dressed or undressed ponies going about their business or chatting now as the sun continued to rise high in the sky

The pair notice that the chalkboard sign that typically announced the the days specials and prices had been knocked over on it’s side and the the sidewalk and storefront around the sign having been egged. The days specials had been crudely erased and egged thoroughly along with the wall behind it and the words, “Filthy Miscegenationers!” scratched into the surface.
Sunshine winces and looks away as Stone stands and stares at the sign for a few minutes. Looking back over to Sunshine he notices his slender husbands trembling and couldn’t bear to look into his eyes, afraid of what he’d see there.
Stone slowly nudges at Sunshines shoulder. “Get inside Honey….. I’ll go toss this out and get a new one from the back and clean up the sidewalk and store-front…..It’ll be good as new…..” He mumbles worriedly. “Don’t worry, I’ll fix this….”

Sunshine nods quickly and runs inside leaving Stone looking down at the sign for a few minutes. The scratched in words burned in his mind. As soon as the door’s bell chimed and he was sure Sunshine couldn’t see or hear he gives a growl and stomps a flinty black hoof into the chalkboard, the force shattering the shale and sending shards spinning threw the air. He brought his hoof down again and again as a black fury burned in his eyes and a fire in his belly. A few tears dripping down his muzzle as he withheld a scream, not willing to draw any more attention to himself or the store.

Things would be opening soon after all.
After a few minutes he stares back down towards his hooves and noted a few scratches that had a few rivulets of blood seeping threw.
“Damnit my suit….Not today….It has to be perfect….Shit….Not today….” He moans as drops of blood stained the sleeve of his dress shirt. Sighing he telekinetically rolls his sleeves up. and begins to pick up the shattered shale. He was going to need to clean up at here before going in and clean up the sleeve before the blood dried. He needed to make sure everything was perfect for Sunshine’s sake.

Sunshine wanders into his shop, it’d belonged to his parents before the war….Before the Sisters had vanished. And it belonged to his grandparents before that. They’d been killed in a Pegasi Rebel attack, a lot of people had been killed and Sunshine inherited the shop….The golden coated stallion this morning was behind himself, cantering into the store he drives his head into a nearby table and bites his lip hard to prevent him from screaming. His body trembling wildly until he felt the emotions slowly subside. As he relaxed he took in the shop, it was warm. Warmer then outside by far as the ovens in the bake were stoked to make fresh pastries and tea kettles began to sing. The room was comfortably toasty, freshly baked bread, pastries and sugar mixing well with the the smell of hot tea wafted through the room. It felt like home. It was home. One of the few places he felt safe anymore.

The entire room was shaped like a horseshoe. With window booths looking out onto the outside street while the center of the Tea-house was dominated by counter-tops and bar stools.
Behind them were various boiling and whistling kettles and an even larger looking device hissing steam and boiling brown tea in large glass orbs and ampoules, before whizzing through brass tubes and into waiting cups to be served to customers. The counter itself was glass with the inside filled pastries, breads and various treats.

Sunshine see’s Camellia behind the counter working diligently scrubbing the counter tops, her mane was a soft brown and her coat a dusky tan. She looks up with a smile and pauses seeing the haunted look on Sunshines face.
“Oh God…What happened?”
“Did you see the front?” Sunshine mumbles as he walks over to the bar and sits, eyes staring at his reflection, the haunted look in his eyes making him ashamed as he looked back up.
“No…I came in the back….Vandals again? Where’s Stone?” She asks concerned as she pours him a cup of tea.
“Fixing the problem. He’ll be in soon….” He mumbles as a saucer and tea-cup appear below his muzzle, the steam ticking his nose. Sighing he looks down and takes a sip.
“Thank you.” He mumbles a bit.
“You know the City Watch really should….”
Sunshine gives her an uncharacteristic glare. “No. It’s not deemed important enough to investigate.” Camellia backs away slightly and holds up her hooves. “Sorry…..” The doors bell jingles and Camellia coughs. “I’ll go check on the pastries….” She says as she walks into the back and places another cup and saucer on the table as Sunshine hears the gentle trot of his husband approach, a soft nuzzling behind his ears making the other pony sigh and rest his head on the cool crystal counter top, at a complete loss for words.

“I got it fixed and cleaned up….Good as New…..”
“I know you did…” Sunshine says with a sigh as he wraps a foreleg around to hold his husbands head closer to him.
“Maybe you should….”
Sunshine shakes his head, “No. I’m not going to cry….Your here today. Thats whats important….Thats all that matters is your here today….Nothing those bastards…..All that matters is we’re….” He winces again and trembles as he felt his stomach tighten and tears sting at the corners of his eyes.
Together…..” Stone finishes as he moves his head up to nuzzle his husbands cheek wrapping his forelegs around his waist.
“Happy anniversary Sunshine Bastion….” He whispers as Sunshine broke down and sobbed.
“Happy anniversary Stone Bastion…..He sobs as he felt his husband hug him tighter as they cried together.

And this is not our fate.

These guys will punch you in the face then take your money. Here’s the load down on Broadsword’s crew. Because Grimdark and Ponies. A odd blend, yet a rad one to boot.



Talents: Thievery, Trapmaking, Swordplay

Goals: Shortsword is Broadsword’s little brother, they both are identical in almost every aspect, excluding height and cutie mark differences. In a family bloodline of knights and warriors, Shortsword is the black sheep. Shortsword always took a fancy to the life of nautical sailing and swashbuckling, due to his brother always reading bedtime storied about pirates and his personal hero Captain Redhooves, so much so that his cutie mark had become that of a skull and crossbones. While still a mercenary with his brother, Shortsword wishes to become a great pirate lord and sail his brother and his friends off of the war-torn Equestria to live a life of fun freedom and plundering. Shortsword is so sneaky and clever, he is able to craft makeshift traps and supply stashes out of sight of his enemies and even his brother.

Fine Print

Talents: Perception, Sharpshooting, Appraisal

Goals: Before the war Fine Print was aspiring to be an accomplished writer, wanting to explore the outer rims of Appleoosa and record all he saw in his own book. However the war pushed that goal to the side, as his new task became getting his unicorn cousin High Note out of Appleoosa without detecting the Earthborn forces. Just on the edge of the Earthborn boarders, High Note was captured by the cult, forcing Fine Print to take up a weapon and find ponies to help him get his cousin back. After recruiting Broadsword and Shortsword in Whitegold, the trio successfully rescued High Note and escaped to Old Ponyville. Afterwards Broadsword was impressed with Fine’s marksmanship with firearms and suggested the banded together, creating a tavern on the edge of the sunken town, the Hornless Minotaur. Which acts as a trading post, inn, and bar for any pony who lost their way, regardless of house.

High Note

Talents: Necromancy, Conjuring, Music

Goals: Before the war High Note, had no real goal rather he just enjoyed creating music and making other ponies laugh with slapstick, music. For all intents and purposes, he was a professional clown giving him the idea of creating his own circus. When the war started, he was a unicorn behind Earthborn lines, and with the help of his cousin Fine Print they ran out of Earthborn territory, only for High Note to be captured by the Cult of Laughter. The cult swayed him with the lure of being a ringmaster if he joined, they neglected to mention he would be ringmastering the undead. By the time Fine Print and company found him he was converted into a cleric, though Fine Print was able to mend his mind back to listen to reason and escape, though the physical scars and deformation had already taken hold. To clear his mind from the Laughing Mare suggesting ideas in the back of his head, Fine Print appointed High Note to become an entertainer for the Hornless Minotaur, while also assisting them with magical healing and undead repelling as his music can lull and command them to his whim.


Talents: Polymorphing, Hypnosis, Crystal Ichor

Goals: Pitch was hatched afew years after the start of the war to the Chrysalis Hive. Pitch had very high delusions of grandeur, so much so that he appointed himself a “Drone” and sought out to make the Queen his own so he can obtain the hive. That plan did not work so well as he was exiled from the hive, though he did not give up and sought to find a suitable mate to transform into a changeling, appoint her his queen and establish his own hive. His journey brought him to Manehattan where he found Broadsword and Shortsword. However he sought to kidnap Shortsword and drain him of emotions for food, though the two we’re ambushed by Whitegold guards, Shortsword mistook Pitch’s intentions for protection and assisted Pitch in saving him until Broadsword found them and ended the fight. Pitch was impressed by their abilities and agreed to align himself with them, with the idea that when his hive is established he will make the both of them his royal soldiers. This also will help Pitch adapt to modern pony society as he has a massive social flaw of have no concept of personal space.


Talents: Fire Breathing, Strength, Thick Scales

Goals: Obelisk is a juvenile red dragon who loves to hoard as much as he possibly can, when trying to find himself a home, he came across the ruins of Old Ponyville and took to stealing and hoarding as much trinkets, gems and items as he could get his claws on. Until the day Broadsword and company started to build the Hornless Minotaur, Obelisk attacked them to take their goods, however the party overwhelmed the dragon, though it was no trifle effort to take him down, his hide was thick and getting a good strike without being torched by his fire breath was near impossible. Before the final blow was struck Broadsword spared his life, respecting the party’s power Obelisk offered to serve them. To entertain the idea, Fine Print ordered Obelisk to become the Hornless Minotaur’s treasurer and scout. Obelisk now has his own personal hoard within the tavern walls and goes off on raids to scavenge battles for his hoard, as well as split the profits with the Minotaur to sell back to travelers.