13.05.17 // Updated my physics window for the first time in ages! Had some thoughts over the past few weeks surrounding a free scalar field universe model so I drew them up as well as some old game theory because I watched a Beautiful Mind and felt nostalgic. I hope you are all having wonderful days / evening / whatever plane of existentialism you currently observe 😉

Hello everyone.

Apologies for the long/unexplained absence. I’ve not been doing very well recently and I haven’t quite had the time to be posting. However, a small update is that I’m struggling very much with my mental health but my studies are going very well. I just wanted to thank you all for your kindness and support and I will try update more regularly from now on!

I hope you are all well and looking after yourself, and I’m sending love, hugs and good study vibes 💗

Making a Navigation Page

hi there, y'all! so I’ve recently gotten a few messages/ asks about how to set up a navigation page so i thought i’d make a post about it in case anyone else needs it? but yeah hope this helps :)

note: im basic at html, like i know my way around to tweak the code & edit it.. but i won’t be able to help anyone with super major coding stuff lols xD

1. go to edit theme then scroll down till you see this & click it.

2. it will then take you here. click on the text that says standard layout & select custom layout.

3. copy paste your desired code for your navigation page into the area provided.

4. change the settings in the code to suit your needs. usually instructions will be given in the code itself. 

5. then edit the place where it says ‘/url/’ to what you’d like the link to be.
You can also give a link to the page by adding a link & then enabling it to show the link.

6. then click update preview & then save.

here are some crazy amazing theme/ page makers who have great navi (& other) pages, check em out if you’re interested:

@alydae , @odeysseus , @sorrism , @pohroro , @neonbikethemes , @acuite

hope this helps y'all! do shoot me an ask if you have any (amateurish) html questions lol 😅 have a great day!

22.06.17 / / the past few days have been difficult, to say the least. But it’s always comforting to know that even the universe is governed by chaos.

Listening to ~ the night we met - lord huron