The moon isn’t looking for solutions.
She’s grown accustomed
to partialities,

that accretion
of absence, her black scarves
plucked from the top hat

one by one
Then a miraculous
cumulus, removeless

Stoic mathematician,
efficient wizard,

reveal your secrets.
A lover
is going, some lover is always

going. Such curious
quadratics that
will not leave me whole.

Karen Volkman, “Equations,” Paris Review (vol. 35, no. 128, Fall 1993)

You have the light of stars from billions of years ago in your eyes and the colour of roses from the 18th century blushing in your cheeks. The universe gave up some of itself for you. You matter. Literally.

So. Today was the big reveal- exam results for semester 2 2016 came out. I am absolutely beyond pleased to announce I received A+ for 3 of my papers and an A for the other! Absolutely over the moon. Can’t wait to celebrate! 🎉