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I refuse to reblog any posts about wether j/asper or l/apis is more abusive/worse than the other because the writing in the show for both of them is so awfully done that at this point I feel like they’ve both been hurt more by the writers than by each other.
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“You’ve grown up, Taichi.”

i probably have this ship too far up my ass heart but i can’t be the only one who noticed the change in the relationship between yoongi and hoseok.
not even in a romantic aspect (although i do ship them, i know where the limits are), i just do see some differences in the Danger era now and the No More Dream era back in 2013.
yoongi seems more open. and it’s in a different way- yes, he was always honest and sarcastic and lovely but it was an act, and he admitted it before and admits it now. it is all an act he puts up.

BUT as ice cold he says he is in real life, i do see some of that real life happiness appearing here and there- he probably doesn’t even notice it.
and this is where hoseok comes in.
yoongi’s smile doesn’t seem strained nor overdone and not forced when he’s with hoseok, or watching hoseok, or laughing at hoseok being his over-enthusiastic self.
yoongi seems to forget of his image and his place, he seems to forget that he tells everyone how cold he is and i can see why everyone is calling hoseok a sunshine because he can literally light anyone up.

i know they’ve been together for 4 years but that was for work- they’ve been living together, working together and being together to finally debut.
and now that they are here and are succesful, i think that they do put a different effort into their friendship- to make their bonds stronger because they are here to stay, they are going through new hardships and so many things we don’t know of and it is so nice to feel how yoongi is changing around someone whom he trusts to such a point that he forgets his place.

“whenever i feel sad, i just look at you.” i remember that yoongi said something along those lines in an interview where they were asked to tell each member about how they feel, and he said it to hoseok.

it just nice to see that yoongi can find someone to bring him such happiness.

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