Fourth set of ten Sterek fic recs!

running through my head | haleofStilesheart ( @hale-of-stiles-heart​ ) | 3,891 | Teen | 2017-07-05

Stiles may have a problem. And it may have something to do with a certain hot jogger by the name of Derek Hale.

The Way To a Man’s Heart is Through His Dog | SylvieW ( @sylvie-w​ ) | 11,429 | Mature | 2016-03-10 to 2016-03-12

Derek brings his dog with him to pick up Laura’s son, Isaac, from daycamp, and develops a crush of one of the counsellors.

Love ‘Em How They Take So Long | Leslie_Knope ( @leslieknopeismyspiritanimal​ ) | 13,321 | Explicit | 2016-09-05

Because really, what are the chances that Stiles meets the love of his life in the Olympic Village dining hall?

The Best We Can Hope For | yodasyoyo ( @yodas-yo-yo​ ) | 4,062 | Teen | 2017-05-27

Written for the prompt: Double date at movies with jealous Derek

“She works at Target for fuck’s sake. Target doesn’t employ evil supernatural beings. Everyone knows they work at Walmart.”


Derek goes on a double date with Stiles. It goes about as well as can be expected.

When You’re Sleeping | charlesdk ( @halerogers​ ) | 2,624 | Gen | 2016-09-06

Prompt: Person A knows that person B does cute things when A is asleep (plays with their hair, gives forehead kisses, tracing lips, gentle snuggling, draws them, etc). One day person A pretends to be asleep, but ends up being unable to hold back a smile as person B begins displaying their rare affection.

OR Derek has a hard time displaying his affections for Stiles. When Stiles is awake, at least.

Paw-lease | @dapatty​, kellifer_fic ( @kellifer-k ) | 2,135 | Gen | 2017-08-20

Stiles thinks about Scott when it happens, tries to get some, y'know, perspective. He thinks about Scott, that there are worse things that can happen when you get hit with an unexpected dose of something. When the device that had been left behind as a last little screw you by the fae they’d been dealing with blew up in his hands he could’ve been reduced to tomato paste on the walls.

Instead, he has a tail and little pointy striped tabby ears on the top of his head.

Just a Hobby | @kaistrex​ | 3,014 | Teen | 2017-08-16

Five times Deputy Derek shelters his partner from the supernatural and the one time he discovers he’s just been making a fool of himself.

tell me you’re mine (like no one’s watching) | missakwatson ( @sourwolfandlionheart​ ) | 2,894 | Mature | 2017-08-17

Compared to the months his sisters had spent frantically preparing for the wedding, the ceremony seemed to fly by in a sweaty, anxious daze. It felt like only moments passed from when Derek donned his crown and wedding jacket in the early morning to the evening’s festive banquet, where the wine flowed freely and his new husband’s amber eyes sparkled as he regaled the court with tales of his youthful misadventures.

Marrying Stiles wasn’t an inconvenience by any stretch of the imagination, but as Derek paced around his room later that night awaiting his betrothed’s arrival, he realized how woefully little he really knew about the inner workings of Beacon’s crown prince.

In Time Gone By | @raimykeller | 1,029 | Gen | 2017-08-15

Stiles Stilinski is a reporter for The Daily Prophet, who has an assignment to interview Quidditch player and werewolf-rights activist Derek Hale. They both quickly realize their Hogwarts-era crushes on each other weren’t as unrequited as they had thought.

Full Count, Bases Loaded | @eeyore9990 | 4,563 | Teen | 2017-06-29

Playing in the minors, just one phone call away from having every dream come true, means Derek has no time for distractions, no time for fun. He has to bring his A-game every day, during practice and game nights equally. The coaches are always watching and he needs that next ringing phone to be the one calling him up to the majors. He’ll have fun when he’s catching for the Mets.

But then Stiles Stilinski gets picked up to pitch for the Las Vegas 51s and…

Derek has never had so much fun getting distracted.


Inside the Episode, Season 7, Episode 6

[Jon and ]Dany] falling for each other is “unfamiliar ground, especially because it with an equal”

I’ve been saying this for a long time. Thanks for confirming it D&D

Things that AREN’T inherently bad by default:

-White People
-Straight people
-Cis people
-Neurotypical people
-Able-bodied people
-People whose ideologies don’t perfectly align with yours

. . . .

Things that ARE inherently bad by default:

-Hating someone simply for factors that cannot be controlled such as race, gender, sexuality, or able-bodiedness.
-Actual Nazis
-The Emoji Movie

The impact of the President’s words this morning go far beyond what can fit in a 140-character tweet. It’s about real American families who have made the ultimate sacrifice to our country. It’s about transgender veterans like Sherri Swokowski, who served for 34 years in the United States Army and retired as a Colonel, being told that her decades of service was a “disruption.” It’s about the transgender soldiers who are waking up this morning on the other side of the world - thousands of miles from their home and the people the love - reading a message from their Commander in Chief that their service to our country is a burden. Reblog – and TAKE ACTION by telling Trump to STOP attacking transgender servicemembers.