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+ a gun victim’s boyfriend beat a delegate with an “A” grade from the NRA. A civil rights lawyer who sued the police department just became the top prosecutor in Philadelphia. An out trans woman of color won a seat on the Minneapolis City Council. And Democrats flipped 14 seats from red to blue in VA making it the biggest pick-up since 1899.

It’s Election Day! 

Be sure to cast your ballot for pro-choice champions, including Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax and Mark Herring in VA, Manka Dhingra in WA, and Jen Jordan and Nikema Wililams in GA!

“The overwhelming thing you come away from when you watch the picture is that [they are] deeply connected… deeply, soulfully connected, deeply in love. And what’s apparent is -  that love is the kindest, most gentle, most loving, respectful love I’ve ever seen between two human beings.“

–  Ruth Negga discussing Mildred and Richard Loving whom she and Joel Edgerton portray in ‘Loving’ 

So my university is starting to put these up around campus today.

“The point here is to move beyond the binary of either you’re this or you’re that… ” - Paris Prince, Special Assistant for LGBTQ Initiatives


“Over the nine years that ‘Loving' covers, it is a joy to watch Negga’s portrayal of Mildred as she goes from a shy country girl to confident woman, speaking up with gradually revealed determination against the unfairness endured by her family at a time when many voices were silenced.”

–  'Toronto Star’ review of 'Loving’

“I think it’s important to see a woman who’s quite reserved and shy and quiet show a certain strength, because there's many kinds of strengths isn’t there?”

–  Ruth Negga


Michael Shannon has appeared in all 5 of Jeff Nichols’ films and “Loving” is no exception. Here he appears as Grey Villet, the  South African photographer whose beautifully natural photos of the Lovings were published in a 1966 LIFE magazine article entitled “The Crime of Being Married” which showed the world the strength and sincerity of the Lovings’ devotion to each other and their children. As always, Shannon makes an impression. One reviewer wrote that “Michael Shannon…is a small cameo character who feels so well-drawn it’s like he has a whole movie to himself.” Shown above is one of Villet’s photos of the Lovings juxtaposed with Joel Edgerton’s and Ruth Negga's recreaction of the moment in the film. 

Commenting on the film, Shannon said, “What it really does is it makes the whole notion [of prosecuting this couple] seem preposterous. Why would anyone in their right mind not want these two people to be together?”

I Really Like This Song By Tyra B. She Hasn’t Been Mainstream Since Her Debut. I Think Her Sexuality Played A Part In Her Career Fading Into The Background Which Is Unfortunate Because She’s Very Talented.

I don’t Know What The Future Holds But I Know It’s Gonna Be With You

I don’t Know What The Future Holds But It’s Nothin’ Without You

I don’t Know What The Future Holds The Only Thing I Know For Sure Is, I’m Yours

“I think it’s the most beautiful love story in American history. There is a simplicity to the story and the people involved that cuts through any political or social agendas. Their position was easy to understand, they wanted to be left alone. That was beautiful to me, it went beyond the entrenched modes of thought and opinion that people have about interracial marriage. The Lovings debunked that, and I felt that the purity of their relationship pierced the issue without politics. It was two people who loved each other, I think most people can understand that core.”

“That guy [Joel Edgerton] deserves an Oscar. And I love Ruth Negga. She’s a tremendous actress. He deserves an Oscar. She REALLY deserves an Oscar. I can’t wait for people to see this movie.”

–  "Loving” writer/director Jeff Nichols

Virginia could pass a law that allows doctors, teachers, and all businesses to deny service to gay, lesbian, and bi people under the guise of “religious freedom”. In the face of progress for marriage equality, this is how anti-gay groups are fighting back.

If we can convince members of the voting committee to vote ‘no’, it will never see the light of day. We need a giant public outcry right now to show the committee that citizens in Virginia and around the country are paying attention. 

Can you add your name to this petition?

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