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My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.

Natalie Dormer as Alice and Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter

Also, I wanted to write a shout out to witches who get no results and can’t hear the gods.

I feel so alienated by the way many people write about their craft - “witchcraft is work! Expect to bleed and sweat!” And so on. I work hard, I still hear nothing. And straightforwardly annoyed when those posts go on to say “actually I wish I hadn’t been chosen! This path is so hard! So dark! I have sacrificed everything!”

I think there’s a difficult balance point between saying yes, anything worth doing is going to require effort and won’t come overnight. But not making people feel constsntly not good enough. And not setting yourself up as an Expert, Who Does Real Magic opposed to everyone else who are neophytes hoping for what you have.

There is a ton of ways to be a witch without hitting those standards.

Revere your gods. Revere them for their own sake, not because yoy have to, but because it brings pleasure and beauty ti do so. Choose your own gods. Pick one from a book and start worshipping. We are witches and we lead the dance, we don’t wait to be chosen.

Don’t be a mystic - that’s one, especially fashionable and desirable sort of witch path, but it’s equally ok yo just be a worshipper or just to love nature, you know? It’s no less valid.

Don’t give things up. Paganism is an immanent path, which is to say, it’s about living in this world. It fits in and around life. You can do witchy things while you cook or garden or whatever, like this idea thst witchcraft is rooted in pain and hardship is anathema to how I understand it, as a path of joy and beauty and of living in this world. That model where yoy give up everything and are ripped to shreds and then reborn is pretty cool and makes for a rebloggable origin story; and yet I have had so much pain in my life, so much, so much, I want my magic to be a site of joy and worship. You can get shit done as a witch in and around your daily life, and there is a different kind of power to be found in it.

Do cool stuff, for their own sake -make herbal teas and do spells and play dress up, I can’t emphasise this enough that results don’t matter. Is it bringing you pleasure and peace? Then it’s worth it.

The way you are witching is a good way, in short - don’t measure yourself by the standards of strangers, and what strangers say they can do or have seen. It introduces a note of hierarchy into practices which ought to be egalitarian. Just focus on you, you know? Focus on what you can do.

There are so many ways of being a great witch. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking other people are Doing It, and you are only aspiring to. Whenever you wave a wand, you are Doing It Right.

(I’m frustrated that so many people in trad craft write like this, because it’s such a mini annoyance to me every time these posts come around, like when there is a fly in the room and you can’t quite catch it. I know I should ignore them but it took me so long to stop feeling bad, and if I can help someone else also realise they are good enough, then it’s worth writing)

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Okay so I just wanted to comment about you saying that straight things make you want to die and I just wanted to say that that's not okay to say. Like if a person said "i had gay things cause they make me want to die and they gross me out" the person would be attacked for it. Now I am a very liberal and progressive person but I can not stand these double standards. Equality means treating everyone equal, and this is not an example of equality.

yo sorry but straight smut making me /personally/ uncomfortable is not problematic in any way lmao

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To the anon who reads "natsus butt art" ARE WE CLONES OR SOMETHING OR WE JUST SHARE EQUAL LEVEL OF DUMBNESS (yo Natsu I'm still confused if I saved that butt picture or that butt picture saved me BYE)~lazy anon


I should draw a collection of our beloved lovechildren’s b sides

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could I request a merman-Norway maybe? hope your ear gets better \(;u;

Needless to say, I spent way too much time on this, and yet, not enough time /looks off into the distance/

(I definitely suggest full-view, but because ask posts are stupid, you’ll have to go to my blog, right click it, then click view image)

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OMG Can you imagine Thor watching Star Wars and realising that a certain character looks exactly like his beloved Jane?? :)

I’m sure this wasn’t meant to be a prompt but whelp.

“I must admit, the premise of these films sounded… very peculiar, but it’s quite intriguing.”

“I know. They’re some of my favorites. The science is entirely bullshit, but you know, I really don’t care.”

They’re spread across the couch watching the second film of the prequel trilogy. Thor is the world’s warmest big spoon and Jane can feel his heartbeat against her back, his chin against her hair whenever he speaks.

“I’d like to procure myself one of these lightsabers.”

She giggles. “And I’d like to see how Mjolnir would hold up against them.”

He squeezes his arms around her midsection, just enough to push the air from her lungs in a laugh. “Mjolnir is the most steadfast weapon in all the realms. A simple lightsaber would not be enough to rend it to pieces.”

“Yeah, yeah, forged in the heart of a nebula, I get it.”

They descend into contented silence, and it’s only when Padmé steadfastly insists that she and Anakin are to save Obi-wan that Thor comments, “The senator reminds me of you.”

Jane scoffs. “What? How did you make that connection?”

“Well, she fights fiercely for what she believes in. She rarely allows herself flights of personal fancy in light of her duties to the Senate. We know that she is capable of falling in love quickly–”

“We don’t actually know that yet–”

“Oh please, I’ve seen the way she looks at Anakin–”

“That’s not confirmation,” Jane says, hoping to keep the Star Wars newbie in the room as surprised as possible at the unfolding events.

Thor’s brow furrows adorably as he considers this, that Padmé might not love Anakin as he loves her.

Of course, Jane’s argument is destroyed not much later. I truly, deeply love you.

Thor’s grin is nothing short of victorious. “I knew it.” Not a moment later, he adds, “She says ‘I love you,’ just like you do as well.”

Jane loves Padmé as much as the next girl, but really? “C’mon, no I don’t.”

“You said you’ve seen these films more times than you can count.”


“So how have you not yet noticed that the two of you look exactly the same?”

“What? No we don’t. She was a queen, and look at how she rocks that destroyed battle suit. No way, I’m sticking to my flannel, thank you very much.”

Thor’s only answer is to give her a very pointed look.

“We look nothing alike,” Jane insists.

Thor only smiles. “Whatever you say, my love.”

It’s a few days later when she hears Steve and Thor commiserating over their varying experiences with watching Star Wars that she hears Thor proudly proclaim Padmé Amidala to be his favorite character.

She has to stifle a grin for the rest of the day.

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💘 (from Papa Tracy)

💘 - Has your muse ever had a summer romance? Who was it? Did it last longer after summer ended?                

Okay but picture teenage, pre-Cadets Scott trying so very hard to be like his parents because that’s what he thinks he’s supposed to do and basically re-enacting the plot of Grease 😎

Thinking about it, it kinda explains the hair.

So he finds a girl, cute as can be, and they have the perfect summer romance. But then maybe she begins to realise that Scott’s future relationship goals aren’t really what he wants, they’re what he thinks everyone else wants him to do and she gets out of there because she knows it won’t be a happy relationship in the future and her goals are equally important as his, yo.

And in time, as Scott grows and learns to be a good man, he realises that he wasn’t pursuing that relationship for the right reasons and comes to appreciate what she did for him. He’s a good man like that.

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What are your favorite bl manga's? Including doujinshi's. (I can guess though)

I must say I suck at telling my favourite manga & doujinshi because I (for the most time) don’t save it ;d so yeah, I have a bunch of my fav-forever-and-ever and everything else that’s also quite good I don’t remember ^^”

My beloved shounen ai list you can find here.

I don’t know if you can quess everything but well my love for No.6, Isaku Natsume, Hidaka Shoko, Takarai Rihito and Yoneda Kou (ALL THEIR MANGAS ARE MORE THAN AWESOME I DON’T KNOW HOW I CAN EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR THEM) should be fairly oblivous :D

As for doujinshi…I love from D18 otp (Dino x Hibari) by Lion Punch and 24. They’re…my goddness from long time ago ;p for Kaworu x Shinji I like Tetsu-Sabi artwork and for other fandoms: I don’t have the fav artist and can’t find doujinshi…I just like too many different ones ;d

Thanks for asking! It really took me a long time *me and my lazy ass hides in shame*

‘Created Equal’: Aaron Tveit, Edy Ganem Co-Starring, Bill Duke to Direct
By Dave McNary

Aaron Tveit and Edy Ganem are starring in the legal drama “Created Equal” with Bill Duke directing. Production is underway in New Orleans. Lou Diamond Phillips (“Longmire”) and Greg Alan Williams (“Greenleaf”) are also starring.

Duke is directing from a script by Richard Kletter, Michael Ricigliano, Theta Catalon and Joyce Lewis, based on the novel by Roger A. Brown. Producers are Theta Catalon of T-Cat Films and Karlas Powell. Brown is executive producing.

“Created Equal” centers on a woman who’s desperate to become a priest in the Catholic Church. She turns to an up-and-coming lawyer who files suit against the Archdiocese of New Orleans for sex discrimination without justifiable cause. As the trial unfolds,  an extremist threatens to kill the woman if she doesn’t back off.

in which Shaw hates household appliances

1. “You know threatening to shoot the roomba has no effect at all on the Machine, right Sweetie?”

“It was spying on me! Following me from room to room like a-”

“I think it was following your trail of pretzel crumbs.” Root says, brushing a grain of rock salt off of Shaw’s chin with her thumb.

Shaw glowers. She can’t *technically* argue with that.


Root surveys the smoking ruins of the roomba while Shaw defiantly cleans her pistol and puts it away. In light of the whole Samaritan/AI apocalypse debacle, Root can understand her distrust of anything even faintly robotic, but Shaw really needs to curb herself on the whole ‘shooting in the apartment’ thing. Lucky the floors are concrete.

“Roombas cost 400$. The next one you shoot, you’re paying for. In scotch.”


Shaw looks aghast. She glances at the cabinet where she hoards her liquors, knowing Root is not above pouring a bottle or two down the drain and making her watch.

“I mean it, Sameen.”

Root turns on her heel and sashays into the office, presumably to order another devil robot cleaning machine.

Shaw picks up the remnants of the roomba and drops them in the trash.

“Stupid vacuum spying on me with its beady little eyes,” she grumbles, “turning my girlfriend against me.”

She feels Root behind her, then, slipping her hands around her waist.

“Come on,” Root says, “let’s go to Sears and get a vacuum that won’t piss you off.”

“An upright one? Just a normal old fashioned-”

“Just a normal, old fashioned upright. For MY normal, old fashioned upright”

Shaw groans. Root and her puns.

Root does the thing with her lips and Shaw’s earlobe and suddenly the ire is gone and Shaw doesn’t really care about vacuums or spies or anything any more.

“Yeah, we can do that. But first there’s um. Something we should talk about, in the bedroom.”

Root’s fingers are already tugging on her belt buckle.

“Yeah, we have to talk about how you’re gonna pay me back for shooting my roomba.”

“Mm, I don’t have… any money.”

“Lucky for you I accept more creative forms of payment….”


“Oh god, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t—- wait, wait, stop, Root.”

Root stops, breathless, pulls her aching jaw off Sameen and looks up to see her girlfriend frowning at the ceiling.

“What’s wrong?”

“That blinking light- on the smoke detector- it looks like a camera- has that always been there?”

Something I want:

Peter Parker (Seeing T’Challa again and slightly freaking out because he’s a king): (internally) “Okay Parker, be cool. Do not say something stupid and offend/disrespect the Wakandan king.”

PP: (overly casual) “Yo T’Challa!” (internally) “Fucking nailed it….dumbass.”

T’challa (smiling/smirking in an amused way): (equally casually) “Yo, Spiderman!”

PP: *shiny eyes for about five minutes until T’Challa touches him at which point he just falls over like a statue*

PP: “Spiderman.exe has crashed and must reboot.”