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Some of you may have noticed that I’ve already posted twice about the Virginia shooter. Yes, I am aware that was a black on white crime, and that I’m a white, privileged person posting about it.

I’m not posting about it for that reason.

Two people died. TWO PEOPLE DIED ON TELEVISION. This is only a drop in the bucket of racial crimes in the past year. Most of these crimes have been against African Americans.

Racism is common.

None of these crimes had to happen. None of these lives needed to be lost. None of these people deserved to die.

Racism is unnecessary.

Racism is real. Racism IS real. And it’s terrifying. Would #blacklivesmatter exist if it didn’t? Racism is real, and it is concentrated on people of color.

Racism is ugly.

Racism is assuming that every black child has one lousy parent and a welfare check coming in every month. Racism is assuming that every white child has two parents and a healthy, perfect home life. Racism is assuming that every Asian child is an academically brilliant Chinese anime efficienado. Racism is assuming that every brown person is either a terrorist or an illegal immigrant.

Racism is ignorant.

Black lives matter. Caucasian lives matter. Asian lives matter. Life is previous, and every life is of equal worth.


Today is the first anniversary of gay marriage equality in the United States. 

I dedicate this photo set to my favorite interracial family. The events of Orlando affected me deeply… in the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda, “you have no control, who lives, who dies, who tells your story.”

In the face of tragedy, we mourn, but we remain strong. For all the people who wanted to, but had their lives cut short. For all the people who have served our country, but until last year, couldn’t marry their spouses.

Love will always triumph. We’ve done so for fifty years. We’ll keep doing so. 

Headcanons under cut:

  • hana was born on june 26
  • jack and gabo’s marriage was officiated the day the supreme court ruling came out, but they did end up having a “real” wedding later that summer
  • jack, gabo, and hana flew in from LA on june 26, 2015 to be there when the decision happened. no matter what it ended up as. 
    • thankfully it was 5-4 and the three went to nyc’s pride parade afterwards 
    • and they ate at east village’s Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (pls look it up, it’s real and it’s delicious)
  • hana never minded that she was part of a “modern family:” in fact, she didn’t realize it was “different” until around middle school, when kids started getting into ~dating~ and other shit
  • hana is relatively benign when it comes to dealing with ignorant people; however she’ll legitimately fight you (verbally or physically) if you rile her up

laverne cox
commonwealth dinner for equality virginia
greater richmond convention center
april 5, 2014

shared on ms. cox’s instagram here, thank you ms. cox! you were amazing! thank you for sharing your urgent message with all who were present at this event.