equality state

Not everybody in jail is a murderer or a child molester or rapist. People forget that and use that irrationality to demonize and dehumanize people in jail. This helps them not feel sympathy for anything that may happen to prisoners and this helps deny them basic human rights (medical attention, safety, clean food and water). People matter, even the ones in prison. - Ty

Trump photo-shopping his hands bigger and not caring about genuine issues like


Someone from my hometown who happened to be white (the red commenter) posted two offensive statuses about black protesters. The majority of my hometown is white to the point where I am considered a black mexican to most. I’m a tan Puerto Rican born in Indiana. I called her out and a ton more people from my hometown just bombarded me with replies about how I was wrong. After one saying “name A specific date and time you experienced systematic racism and include names.” I decided to make a status on my page since I’m going to a college with A LOT of international students of various races. My replies included White, Brazilian, Native American, Dominican, Black, and more…

We Will Be Heard - a prayer for Inauguration Day 2017, by Alden Solovy

Today I am an immigrant, A drag queen, A rape survivor.

An African Methodist Church set on fire, A mosque pelted with rocks, A synagogue painted with hate.

I am disabled. A woman paid half of a salary. A Black man encircled by police. I am Asian, Latino, Hispanic, Native American and Multi-Racial. Yes, We pray for wisdom and grace To land like a miracle

On the President, transforming his rhetoric of hostility and violence Into deeds of compassion and love.

And still we stand in shock and fear that our rights will be trampled in public and repealed in law. Don’t say suck it up. Don’t say get over it. We haven’t forgotten the lynching, The darkness of the closet, the death by back-alley abortion. Today I am Roe v. Wade, Obergefell v. Hodges, Brown v. Board of Education,

The child of slaves, The child of illegals, The child of gay parents, The child of a vision for freedom And the yearning for inclusion Rejected by those coming into power.

Today I am an American, A citizen of the United States, A child of democracy, A patriot, Dedicated to justice, Dedicated to liberty, Dedicated to action, Demanding to be heard.