Is it really right that I, a teenage female, should feel intimidated just walking home from school ? That I feel scared when a group of teenage boys are walking 10 metres behind me ? Or that I feel frightened and have to walk faster when a man is walking towards me ? Or that I rush when I’m walking past a car with a person inside ?

It is just ridiculous that people should feel like this. This shouldn’t be happening.

Rant over.

Reblog please.

The Good Place is literally just so good. It balances social commentary on how it’s basically become impossible to be ethically and morally right under capitalism as well as what it means to be a ‘good person’.

It’s characters don’t subscribe to stereotypes. And there is only one white man in the entire main cast, 3 people of colour and 3 women. One of whom is canonically bi. As well as a badass nb not-girl-not-robot.

And it does all of this while remaining extremely funny in a way that’s not repetitive or similar to anything I’ve ever seen before. I just love this show a lot sorry

Edit: I completely forget that Michael is an aroace icon so not one single straight white man is present and that’s what I like to see

western sexism is when your father tells you to “put some clothes on” when you wear jeans, a leather jacket and a crop top, but says nothing when your brother has no shirt on

Western sexism is a man on the street telling me what he would do to my 12 year old body if I came home with him, walking down the street to be called “sexy” by men I don’t know, to have inappropriate comments made on my body when I’m just trying to walk to school: but have all of this harrasment stop when a male walks beside me

Western sexism is telling an eight year old girl to tolerate a boy’s harassment because “he’s just doing it ‘cause he likes you”.

Western sexism is when a girl is always “asking for it”, and a boy always “wants it”

Western sexism is still sexism. We understand that eastern women have it worse: and we are fighting for them too.

But when a person break their finger, you don’t say “well, some people have broken their arm” and walk away. If you use eastern sexism to dismiss western sexism: you are a problem.

Sexism is sexism.

feminism is needed everywhere

Edit: there are some people who are confused by the first and second part. I want to make it clear that I’m not twelve, I’m fifteen. The paragraph about the crop top is based on present day, and the paragraph about being catcalled when I was twelve is based on when I was twelve, although it still goes in today.