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I just wanted to give a major thank you and send all my appreciation and love to everyone who follows me and has stuck though and supported this blog whether that’s through following me, or telling your friends, or just sending your support. I love this blog and it makes me feel like there is hope for the future and for what we are trying to accomplish and it was only one year ago that I was passing 10,000 followers and this morning I crossed 55,000 followers and I can’t even express the joy that gives me. SO I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for supporting me and supporting feminism and most of all supporting each other! 

Dear Feminists,

So feminists are trying to make it (like they have already done in parts of europe) so that if a man has sex with a prostitute and doesn’t pay her after that is considered rape. Now forgetting the fact that they are overlooking how prostitution is illegal, lets put it this way.  

Feminists, if you promised to pay someone to cook meth for you and they cooked the meth and you didn’t didn’t pay them that’s theft of services not slavery because you didn’t force them to do the labor just like you didn’t force the prostitute to have sex they consented.

Stop delegitimizing real victims by making everything into rape.

End, Don't Extend, the Draft
Anyone who supports individual liberty against state power would oppose conscription. This is no close call.

With military combat roles now open to women, the question of extending compulsory draft registration to them has come up. Two Republican members of the House who are military veterans have even introduced legislation that would require women to register. That set the stage for the question at the most recent Republican debate, where Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie endorsed compulsory registration of women. The remaining candidates said nothing. No one objected.

Some misguided people will argue that if men must register, then fairness dictates that women must register too. But that’s an odd notion of fairness or justice, writes Sheldon Richman. The only fair measure would be to abolish registration and never draft anyone of any gender again.

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