It’s a beautiful story, my major recommendations. Please look at this video not be regret.


I am excited to share with all of you the Indie Go Go for Yes We’re Open Minded. The goal is to provide artist made signs to establishments that uphold values of equality by welcoming the business of anyone and everyone. Yes We’re Open Minded is striving to fight back against establishments that harbor values of prejudice, homophobia, sexism, racism, and inequality. This is my illustrated sin and you can see the other gorgeous signs at the Indie Go Go site HERE


Instagram: yeswereopenminded
twitter: @drewlemon

- Molly


Honestly I’m getting super annoyed with some girls. Idk what it is to make guys seem so bad and how they’re cheaters and rapers and just all of these bad things (which I’m not trying to say they’re not I know there is a lot) but you girls have no room to talk. At all. There’s women out there who just as well EQUALLY as much as guys rape, cheat and all as well. I’m not supporting either gender, and who’s better. But seeing girls constantly throwing shade about guys, like there’s so much crap about guys. Are they ever gonna show crap about girls? You guys talk bad about how guys cheat in marriages or its disgusting when guys date younger girls when there’s women who are cheating just as well in marriages and dating younger guys but bc they’re a girl it’s okay. This is just something that has been bothering me because I wish everything and everyone was equal instead of trying to shame a gender and making the whole gender seem bad when really both genders are EQUALLY as bad and not mainly just one.