The Need for Full Federal LGBT Equality: Discrimination in Housing

The Equality Act, a comprehensive federal non-discrimination bill, would create explicit, permanent protections against discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity in matters of housing. Currently, only 19 states and D.C. explicitly prohibit housing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. An additional three states prohibit housing discrimination based on sexual orientation only. Housing discrimination affects LGBT people of all ages. Up to forty percent of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. Older LGBT adults are more likely to live in poverty and have fewer support systems in place than their non-LGBT counterparts. Additionally, 73 percent of LGBT people are worried about housing discrimination. In addition to housing, The Equality Act establishes explicit, permanent protections against discrimination based on an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity in matters of employment, access to public places, federal funding, credit, education and jury service. In addition, it would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex in federal funding and access to public places.

Today me, Sebastian and Elin attended the Stockholm Pride parade together with tons of fantastic people. Pride is so important, even if some people are too blind to see it, and with ease can say idiotic and unnecessary things. People who’s never been threatened or bullied for their choice of partner, or their sexuality or gender identity, etc. It’s important to be yourself, and that’s one of the most beautiful things there is. Today I chose to give a big fuck you to all who says hat guys can’t wear pink, dresses, skirts and all of that. Especially people who says that trans guys can’t dress in a “feminine” way, because then they are not really trans. I had the best company, luckily! I was so happy because a lot of people and photographs stopped me and wanted to take pictures of me with my sign. Children and their parents waved to me, read my sign out loud, cheered and called me pretty, and other lovely things. It was a lovely day! I hope the acceptance will grow faster. It already has grown so much bigger over the past years. I’m happy to live in a country where I can marry whoever I want, if I love them. I know so many people who can’t, it’s it’s truly unfair. I’m so happy I live in a country where I can get help with my gender identity issues, and get my body corrected. I know so many who can’t. It needs to change. Preferably yesterday. But things like this takes time, and I will fight for our rights until the day I die, and after that. Yesterday was exhausting, and we walked for hours in really hot sunshine. I ended the day with an epileptic seizure, sadly, and back at home, I got terrible migraine, and couldn’t move, almost threw up, etc. Luckily I had the best boyfriend in the world taking care of me, and I’m all fine again. Next year, we will do it all again!

anonymous asked:

Is it inappropriate to be a gentile but only be attracted to Jewish guys/ only want to date Jewish guys


If you find that you only want to date Jewish guys, you should think about why this is. Is it because you think Jewish guys have certain physical features you find hot? Is it because of Jewish stereotypes you find appealing? Is it because you’re attracted to Jewish culture and tradition, and want to be part of it? 

If it’s either of the former, you could be fetishizing Jewish men. Racial fetishization is taking physical stereotypes or parts of someone’s culture and objectifying people based on them. Jewish men aren’t exotic items to feast your eyes on. But if you are fetishizing Jewish men, just be aware of this and work to change that. Learning more about Judaism and Jewishness could really help you keep from getting bogged down in the stereotypes. Learn how to respect Jewish men for who they are, rather than getting caught up in what being Jewish stereotypically entails and seeing Jewish men as inherently one thing or another. 

If it’s the latter, then it might be a good idea to explore Judaism. There are better ways to get involved in Jewish culture than by simply dating a Jew, and if your heart is leading you towards Judaism, follow it. But if this is the case, listening to what people around and the media say about Jews is just not enough. You need to get involved personally and see for yourself. Join a synagogue, talk to a rabbi, talk to Jewish people of different backgrounds, join a Hillel. Make sure what’s attracting you to Judaism isn’t just a hodgepodge of stereotypes.

The first time a sixth grader told me
Her New Year’s resolution was to lose weight
My heart broke into a million different pieces,
What I felt was anger
At the world,
At humanity,
At the people who made her feel that there was something she had to do
To feel more beautiful
So I asked her why
And she said it was because ‘people’ told her
That she looked too weighty and that her clothes didn’t suit her.

The first time a little boy in my sister’s class cried
I asked him if I could help in any way and
He shouted at me to leave,
The one phrase that he kept repeating was
'Boys aren’t supposed to cry’
And I felt anger towards the circumstances
That had made him think that to cry was to be weak.

The second time I came across the term 'rape’
It seemed only exclusively applicable to women
And, even then, it came with hidden terms and conditions-
There was a criteria that was set by people
Defining whether or not your body was defiled.
The same day I was sat with some boys from my class
And one of them made a rape joke making everyone laugh,
Except one boy who picked up his bag and excused himself
With a somber look in his eyes;
Two days later he moved after people found out
He’d been molested by a family member
And everyone asked him
'Did you enjoy it?“.
There were rumors he shot himself a couple years later.

In 10th grade I hit puberty and touched society’s norm
Of what an attractive woman should look like,
In my Math class a boy who’d been there for 4 years with me
Asked me if I was a new girl and, when he realized I wasn’t,
He apologized and said it was only because
'I looked so bad before’;
I never lived it down.

My friend was brought up with tales of strong men
Able to lift heavy weights in the gym
And live off of protein shakes
So he starved himself and tried to work out each day
Until his body burned out and he ended up in the hospital
Diagnosed with anorexia nervosa,
His mother said that was impossible
Because he was still 'chubby’.

I spent my whole life trying to build up confidence,
To look in a mirror  and not shy away in disgust
And when I put on the clothes I liked
And said what was on my mind people called me vain
Like that was a bad thing to do.

One day ago a girl told me she felt bad for a boy
Because he’d never had anyone to call his own before
And that somehow made him 'lesser’ than others.

Today I saw a woman hold a dress up to her body,
Look in the mirror and the expression on her face accounted for
Every scar I’d ever acquired
Over the times people made me feel like I wasn’t enough.

My father told me people won’t touch you
Without your consent until you give them a 'reason’.

These small instances make up just a month’s worth
Of what the world has shown me and put me through
And no words, or poetry can romanticize this;
You tell me there are no silver linings
And I say 'it’s because you’re hiding in your house,
Of course you can’t see the clouds’
So step outside of your sheltered concrete walls,
Look at the world burning but look at that silver lining too,
Grab your hose and douse it out
What I’m speaking of is feminism
A language of equality-
A language of freedom.

—  s.r. // feminism vs the world