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LOK Series Rewatch | 1.12 - Endgame

Korra and Mako infiltrate an Equalist rally where they attempt to expose Amon as a bloodbender. Meanwhile, Asami, Bolin, and General Iroh are imprisoned by Hiroshi Sato, but are freed soon after by Naga. Korra faces Amon, however, her bending is removed. She and Mako escape and, along with the rest of Team Avatar, make their way to the Southern Water Tribe. Meanwhile, Amon is exposed as a bloodbender and as Tarrlok’s older brother. Both are later killed when Tarrlok detonates their boat at sea.

How I’d Have Done LOK: Book One - Air

So, I’ve been working on this for a while. Basically, to sort of vent my frustrations with how LOK as a whole went and get some closure there, I’m gonna be doing a little series that outlines the ways in which I’d have done various aspects of the series differently (I hesitate to say “better,” but, y’know). Some changes will be small, some will be bigger, but they’re all things that I think would have made for a more satisfying overall storyline, at least for me.

So, let’s start with Book One!

There won’t be too much I’d change in Book 1, because its story was very tight and well-paced and structured already, but there are a few quibbles here and there I have with it, so let’s get into those under the cut.

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-The icky sewer base-

Iroh - Ok, so we need to divide into two teams. Team A will head to the Equalist Rally to take on Amon, while Team B heads to the airbase to warn Bumi

Mako - Ok, Korra and I will take the equalist rally  'grabs Korra’s arm’ Let’s go Korra

Korra- Actuuuuallllly ‘pulls arm away, and grabs Asami with her other’ I think I’d like to take Asami

Mako - What are you talking about Korra ? Why would you take Asami ?

Korra - She’s the best fighter among us, Amon can’t disable her like you or me, she’s pretty , and i like her waaaaaaaaaaaaay

Mako - I get it

Korra- 'shushes Mako’  Not done Mako 'coughs three times’ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy more than you

Mako - Korra, I thought we were friends

Korra- Are we Mako ? Are we ?

Mako - Why wouldn’t we be ?

Korra- For someone who values our friendship so much, you sure were ready to throw it away when I accused Hiroshi of being an equalist…. How’d that turn out by the way ?

Mako - ……. are we still making a thing of that

Korra- 'mocking voice’ Yes ,we’re still making a thing of that’ turns to Asami’ Let’s go Asami

Asami - 'waves’ Bye everyone, say hi to Dad for me ^^

'Mako crosses his arms dejectedly as Korra and Asami leave’




-Equalist Rally-

Amon - Firebenders struck down my entire family and.left.me.SCARRED. That tragic event began my quest to EQUALIZE the WORLD

'Chiblocker and Chiblocker 2 step forward on window seat above’

Chiblocker - That’s a lie Amon

'Chiblocker and Chiblocker 2 remove masks to reveal Korra and Asami’

Korra - Or should I call you Noatok ?

Amon - 'eyes bulge’

'crowd gasps’

Asami - 'steps forward’ It’s true, Noatok is a BLOODBENDER

Amon - You’re desperate Avatar. Making up lies about me with your lovely friend Miss Sato

Korra- 'winces’ Gross ! Aren’t you like 40 ?

Amon - 'deep exasperated breath’

Lieutenant - That is a little weird boss

Amon - Just bring out the airbenders

'Tenzin,Jinnora, Ikki, and Meelo are brought on stage’

Amon - You need to be reminded of the power I possess ! 'prepares to cut off Tenzins bending’

Korra -  Oh yeah ? 'jumps down to the rest of the audience’

Amon - Yes, I will rid the world of airbend….

Korra-  Fuck it 'throws arms in the air’   Immah make you all  benders

Female Citizen - Wha… ?

Korra - 'pokes Female Citizen on the forehead’ Boop

Female Citizen - 'screeches as she falls over, sending a pillar of flame shooting towards the ceiling’

Someone in the crowd - The Avatar made her into a firebender !

'Crowd screams, causing a flurry of panic as the chi-blockers attempt to take Korra down as she makes her way through the audience turning everyone into a bender’

Lieutenant - Boss ! Just equalize the airbenders!

Amon - You’re right …'turns to see that the airbenders are gone’ Where did they go ?!

Asami -  'waves to Amon from on stage’ Oh they’re gone by now 'hops off stage and walks to Korra’ You’d think father would have lent you some Sato brand locks instead of leaving you with these inferior grade Cabbage-corp ones

'Doors are earthbent shut’

Asami - By the way  Korra  'pokes Korra on the arm’ Do me

Korra-  'surprised look that steadily changes into a smile

Asami- No, that’s for later . I mean the bending thing

Korra -  Any preferences ?

Asami - Surprise me

Lieutenant - Miss Sato NOOOOO! 'reaches out hand’

Korra - 'pokes Asami’s forehead’  Boop

Asami - 'immediately bends water out of nearby waterbottle’ Neat…

Lieutenant - Damnit Amon , Mr. Sato’s going to be PISSED

Amon - We can fix this Lieutenant  'reaches hand out towards Lieutenant’

Lieutenant - 'smacks Amon’s hand away’ No ! This plan was half baked, and now it’s over ! Hiroshi’s not going to fund as after we let his daughter become a no good waterbender

Korra- Woah.  'holds up hands’ RUDE  

Lieutenant -  'points at Korra’ Quiet you  'turns back to Amon’ I’m done with this whole idiotic scheme

'Lieutenant snaps his fingers, causing half of the current Chi-fighters, and the entire audience  to leave the building with him’

Amon - 'standing on stage awkwardly’ Curses….’ removes mask and wipes off facepaint’ You’ve won Avatar……

'Asami handcuffs Amon’

Korra- It’s ok Noatok, it could have been much worse !

Noatok - How so ?

Korra- 'eyes widen’ You could have exploded……

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