Tell Kenosha School District to stop forcing transgender students to wear arm bands!

Ash Whitaker came out as transgender to his parents in the eighth grade and to “a few close friends” during to his freshman year. Then, at the start of his sophomore year he formally came out to “all of his teachers and peers.” The Whitakers say that the trouble began later that year.

Kenosha Unified School District instructed guidance counselors to have Ash Whitaker, a 16-year old transgender boy (who recently, after a petition was created, was allowed to run as prom king), and “any other transgender students at the school” wear “bright green wristbands” so that the school could “more easily monitor and enforce [their] restroom usage.”

But the most alarming allegations in the suit are claims that the school essentially created a surveillance program to control Ash’s bathroom use. Melissa, who taught at Tremper, claimed that school administrators sent an email to security guards in April 2016 “instructing them to notify administrators if they spotted any students who appear to be going into the ‘wrong’ restroom.

The next month, Melissa claims, Ash’s guidance counselor introduced the troubling “bright green wristband practice” for transgender students. The Whitakers believe this policy was aimed directly at Ash but they were allegedly told that it would apply to “any other transgender students at the school” as well.

“Ash felt like his safety would be even more threatened if he had to wear this visible badge of his transgender status,”

Please sign this petition to tell them to stop!

Announced ONE MINUTE AGO: Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s pick for VP

I’m checking up on his feminist and civil rights receipts now - SO FAR SO GOOD!!!

Feminist Majority Endorses Tim Kaine for US Senate in Virginia Race

Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority, endorsing Kaine in 2012:  “Simply put, Kaine will support policies to increase women’s health access, to win women’s pay equity, to work for civil rights for all and to further early childhood education and expand educational opportunity, and to protect Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.”

“As Governor, Tim Kaine established the Virginia Sexual Violence Commission to reduce violence against women, issued an executive order to protect state workers from sex discrimination, and increased the number of state contracts awarded to women-owned and minority-owned small businesses.

Smeal emphasized that “Kaine recognizes that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are fundamental and he will fight to protect and strengthen them and oppose efforts to privatize Medicare and Social Security.  

Plus Kaine, as a former civil rights and fair housing attorney, has a proud record of working for civil rights for all people and is pledged to support federal policies that ‘treat all equally without regard to race, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.’  Kaine has a successful record expanding early childhood, technical, and higher education.”

Read the full piece here


Update: I found some good news and some not-so-good news:

Good: Governor Tim Kaine Introduces Legislation To Protect Women’s Access To Contraceptives

Tim Kaine: ‘I’m a strong supporter of Roe v. Wade’

Not-so-good: He is against abortion for religious reasons, but supports reproductive freedom politically. He is also for abstinence education

The important thing is he supports reproductive rights politically. Joe Biden also has traditional religious beliefs but is a constant fighter for women’s rights.

My 2 cents: this is a politically expedient pick. Both from the “white dude” perspective and the religious perspective. Virginia is an important swing state and he could make the difference there. He speaks fluent Spanish which will help her with that key demographic, not that Trump isn’t doing his best to make it so she doesn’t need any help. He wouldn’t be in my top 1,000 picks, and this is a progressive step back, but I do believe that he will help her beat Trump, and that in the WH it will be her agenda on reproductive rights, not his.  

You can now track how often men are doing the talking

In study after study, researchers find that men speak over women. Now, one website lets you track that. Developer Cathy Deng created AreMenSpeakingTooMuch.com, a simple site that clocks how much “a dude” speaks versus “not a dude.”

Just click the button for whoever is speaking and the ticker keeps track of the results.


Some people feel like they’re in charge of other peoples lives.

Some people feel that they can shove their opinion into a situation or conversation that they’re not apart of.

Some people feel do inappropriate and unlawful things. 

Some people support and help others.

Some people do small things, others do large. 

Some people are lgbtq+, some aren’t.

Some people are good, some are bad.

Some people recycle, some don’t.

Some people are pro gun control, some aren’t.

We live in a world with approximately 7.4 billion people, not everyone will be friends.

There are people out there that you’ll never meet. 

There are people out there suffering that no one knows about.

Everyone’s unique, everyone experiences different things, and not everyone is nice.

Take some time today to be kind to another person. Take some time to make the world a better place. Take some time to make the world a safer place. 

I hate people who tell me to respect older people as though they’re some demi-god. I’ll give them the same amount of respect as I would give an average person but respect has to work both ways, I’m not going to respect you if you’re going to act like an ass to me. 


“It was such a privilege to play Mildred. An incredible woman, just incredible. I fell deeply in love with Mildred and Richard and their story. I think we all just wanted to do them justice.”

“Mildred shied away from the spotlight completely, but she changed the course of American legal history. All she wanted to do was marry the man she loved. It took nine years. Can you imagine taking on the might of the American legal system? They were poor and fairly uneducated, but they just wanted to be with one another.”

–  Ruth Negga on playing Mrs. Loving in “Loving”

Note: There are several online posts today honouring Mrs. Loving along with a note saying that July 22 would have been her 77th birthday, but I believe her birthday was actually June 22.  No matter - her courage, gentleness of spirit, and devotion to those she loved are deserving of recognition year round.

New survey challenges 'plebiscite or nothing' narrative
by Samuel Leighton-Dore

Following a reported drop in support for Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed plebiscite, LGBTIQ Australians are being asked to chart the way forward for marriage equality.

A new survey outlining the possible options, including a plebiscite or a free vote in parliament, has recently been launched by Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays and LGBTIQ advocacy group, just.equal.

Marriage equality researcher, Dr Sharon Dane, who provided advice on the design of the survey, said it would give some much-needed clarity to how LGBTIQ Australians want to proceed to marriage equality.

“I believe this survey will provide credible results by surveying a wide cross-section of the LGBTIQ community.” She said.

“The results will be reliable enough to be used to inform politicians about what the LGBTIQ community really wants.”

Please take a couple minutes of your time to answer the survey (click the link in the description and scroll down to the bottom of the article)

Thanks everyone xx