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Iceland becomes the first country to require companies  prove they’re paying all genders equally

  • Iceland just made history by becoming the first country in the world to require companies to prove they pay their employees equally regardless of gender. Fittingly, the Icelandic government announced the new legislation on International Women’s Day. 
  • According to the Associated Press, the Icelandic government will introduce legislation to Parliament later this month that will require any business with more than 25 employees to obtain a certificate confirming that they pay all employees equally for equal work. 
  • Similar certificate programs exist in other countries and in one U.S. state, Minnesota. But Iceland will reportedly be the first country to mandate a certificate for both public and private companies. Read more (3/9/17 11:52 AM
On March 8th, we strike together

This Wednesday, I will join other women at Tumblr and those across the world in striking on International Women’s Day, a commemorative day honoring the anniversary of the 1909 strike of the Ladies Garment Workers Union. With more than 20,000 women demanding better and safer working conditions in an unjust system, it was one of the largest union strikes in history.

A strike is not undertaken lightly, and many of the women on the front lines risked their lives in fighting for this deserved justice. It is crucial we acknowledge that strikes and human rights movements of the past have been predominantly led by low income women, immigrants, queer women, and women of color. They led, and are leading, the way to true equality.

For us, employees of Tumblr in 2017, a strike isn’t as risky. Tech is a male-dominated field, so a single day without women at Tumblr may simply mean a few empty chairs in meetings.

Tumblr provides good living wages, extensive health care coverage, and parental leave. In the United States, what should be human rights are instead considered benefits and perks associated with the tech elite and corporate class.

These privileges are why it’s imperative that we strike in solidarity with and for those who have more to lose.

On March 8th, we strike for women less fortunate than us. We demand public policy that guarantees equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, access to affordable health care, a safe workplace  and basic human rights for all women, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, disability, and gender preference. We strike in solidarity with low income women, native women, Muslim women, immigrants, LGBTQ+ and women of color who risk more than we do today.

We call for the male-dominated tech industry to hold themselves accountable for advocating for these policies. We urge all involved to use the power they have to pressure the current administration to advance equal rights for all women.

At 4pm on Wednesday, we’re attending the Women’s Rally in Washington Square. We hope you’ll join us.

Anna Niess
Caragh Poh
Katie Barnwell
Lily Derella
Lydia White
Davina Kim
Anela Chan
Megan Leet
Mary Cannon
Tiffany Chiu
Amelia Gapin
Bryana Sortino
Becca Bainbridge
Micaela Roberts
Michelle Johnson
Shubhra Kumar
Holly Tancredi
Margaux Olverd
Tanya Lett
Sarah Won
Jess Frank
Connie Li
Tamar Nachmany
Seda Yakamercan

We Can't Wait Another 40 Years to Close the Wage Gap

When I graduated from college back in 1976, women made 60 cents for every dollar that men made. That meant my classmates and I had far less value than our male peers, in the most literal way. That meant the deck was stacked against us from the start. And that meant we were set up for a lifetime of less pay, and the likelihood that we would never catch up.

Fast forward to last May, when my daughter, Chiara, graduated from college. You would think — you would HOPE — that in the four decades between her graduation and mine, we would have closed the wage gap. Here’s the reality: From the very beginning of our careers, women and people of color have been paid less than our colleagues for the exact same work. And every time we get a new job, our salary is based on what we were making before. So not only do we start lower on the earnings ladder — we don’t rise as high with each rung we climb.

Today, women of all ethnicities make, on average, 80 cents for every dollar men make. White women earn 82 cents for every dollar white men make. Black men earn 73 cents for every dollar white men make. And women of color are paid the least by far. For example, Latinas make just 54 cents for every dollar men make. How can this be the case in 2016, in a country that claims to be a meritocracy?

The City of New York is answering these questions with bold, progressive policy because we need to make fundamental changes in the way people are hired in our City. The Commission on Gender Equity, which I lead as co-chair, is working to close disparities in pay in NYC and improve economic mobility. We are bringing the full force of City government to jump-start the effort. The Executive Order we announced last Fall will go a long way to ensure equal pay for equal work in our city, beginning with our hardworking public servants. We can’t wait another forty years to close the wage gap — and we won’t.

Sophia Bush: 20PercentCounts You owe me 21¢. On average, white women are paid $0.79 on a man’s dollar for their work. Black women are paid $0.63 and Latinas are paid $0.54. This is NOT okay. If we close the gender pay gap 3.1 million women and their families will be lifted out of poverty. It’s time to be paid equal wages for equal work. The gender pay gap isn’t a myth, it’s math, people. So let’s be better. Stand for yourselves and for the women in your lives. 

I support equal pay for equal work, I believe in welcoming in those seeking refuge, I believe in exercising love and kindness toward every human regardless of race, sexuality, position or religion and I believe that WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS. Sorry-not-sorry, Mr. Trump- you can’t grab this pussy. #endsexualassault #endrapeculture #womensmarch #equalitynow #notthispussy 😽@EqualityNowOrg @womensmarchla #whyimarch PS this protest is not an attempt to make him leave office, nor do I expect him to even care that we have unified and march together. What this does is ENCOURAGE every woman and girl that they are not alone! This March builds us up in the solidarity of hope, strength, and unity that we are brilliant, beautiful and EQUAL. We need it. Even if he doesn’t listen now. Eventually, he must. (x)

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1. How is my skin brown? Because it is. You literally used pictures of soccer players that spend all day in the sun as a comparison to me, who’s never in the sun, and I’m still fucking darker.

2. If you’re gonna act like a condescending sociologist, you might wanna get caught up on what cultural relativism is. Even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and accept that what you described is a relevant or accurate account of how race is defined in your country, it does not all of a sudden become universally true. Race is a social construct and what exactly defines a race is slightly different from society to society so?

3. Literally anyone with even the slightest olive skin tone in America is considered Latino and, yes, Latinos are considered a race apart from white people. I’ve never been mistaken for white, nor has any other Latino, even those with a lighter skin tone, that I’ve ever known. So even if YOU don’t think there’s a difference, systemic biases in the United States do so who the fuck cares what some asshole who doesn’t live here fucking thinks? Also, by all means, bring this beautiful theory that Latinos are all white to America because maybe then Latinos will stop being profiled by cops, denied equal pay for equal work, denied employment, and rounded up like animals during mass deportation raids.

Who the fuck has the time to write that long ass post you made about how I’m apparently white and doesn’t at any point wonder “who the fuck am I? Why is my opinion needed right now? Do I actually even know what I’m talking about? Why do I care? Why didn’t my mother abort me?”

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Emmy Rossum just proved she’s an unequivocal bad ass. After negotiating equal pay with her male co-star, she’s throwing her weight behind back pay

According to Variety, Showtime has put the offer of equal pay on the table, but Rossum’s team has refused. The reason? The actress doesn’t just want equal pay right now — she wants Showtime to make up for all of the time she was underpaid. And based on Showtime’s behavior, there’s a very good chance it will work.

we have been told to be seen and not heard for far too long
we have been pushed aside and spoken over
ignored and disrespected 
they told us not to “let politics get in the way of relationships" 
they told us to "get over it" 
they told us to "stop bitching" 
they told us that "feminist” was a bad word 
the red of our anger has been bleached and bleached until it was pretty and pink
the traumas we have experienced has been sold back to us on tote bags and t-shirts
they told us we were asking for it
that our bruises were our fault
that our assaults were our fault
they took away our basic human rights
and they forced us to sit back and watch as they tried to shrink us
and even then
they still manged to kick us while we were down
and then they tried to tell us that we are the problem
they have tried to pit us against each other
to make us think that we are our own enemy 
they told us that we were weak
that we should be silenced
they have tried to silence us
but not anymore 
because now we are taking back what we deserve
we deserve to be given equal pay for equal work
we deserve to break through the glass ceiling
we deserve to be able to love freely
we deserve to be able to walk the streets without harassment
we deserve to express our religions without being hurled abuse
we deserve to be able to take a piss in public
we deserve to be able to trust that our drinks won’t be drugged
we deserve to be treated as equals
we deserve to be respected
we deserve to have our lives matter
we deserve to move forward, not backwards
we deserve to fight
and now we will fight
now we will make our voices heard and if you try to drown us out we will speak louder until you understand
now we will show you just what strength really is
we will show you just how brave we really are
we will show you what being a woman really is
we will show you that to be a woman is nothing to be ashamed of and we will not let anyone force shame on us anymore
we will show you that being a woman is not defined by what is in between someone’s legs
but by what is in their head and their heart
and now
now we will stand together –
cis women
trans women
nonbinary women
women of color
disabled women
mentally ill women
abused women
scared women
young women
old women –
women all over the world are standing together
and standing up for us
and now
now we march
—  march
(cc, 2017)

In its vision of the future, Star Trek pushed the principles of equality a little further forward. In Star Trek equality is kinetic, quick, and real. It is not equal opportunity, but equal reality. It means that everyone’s stomach is full, not potentially full, and that everyone’s home is a decent place to live. It has a lot to do with the verb to be. Or as Gene remarked in several of his speeches, “We are on a journey to keep an appointment with whatever we are.”

Equality means, in Star Trek, that there is no equal pay for equal work – there is no pay for any work, because one works for the love of it and no other reason. Everyone’s real job, according to Star Trek, is to explore what it means to be human; to refuse to accept what we perceive as the limits of the human mind, to ignore them; to traverse every possible dimension of outer space and find out what’s out there; and to travel every possible level of intradimensional mind space and find out what’s in there.


Yvonne Fern, “Gene Roddenberry The Last Conversation” page 15.

What an outstanding quote, summing up Star Trek so neatly in a couple of paragraphs. So many have tried to talk about Star Trek without acknowledging this, or with trying to shoehorn it into a different form, but if you try to square this circle then you diminish the Star Trek stories you tell as a result. 

“It is not equal opportunity, but equal reality.”

Just think about the implications of that for a moment. 


Mind blown yet?

This guy at my college about the wage gap and minimum wage, “You can’t eliminate income inequality until you eliminate effort inequality”

Manslation: So I know there’s a TON of data out there about how much harder women have to work for their money (without even factoring in race, sexuality, transness, etcetera)–but picture this: if you just tried EVEN HARDER then you’d eliminate the wage gap! Just ask for extra hours–every boss is happy to give them! Just get a second job! Just keep working until your skeleton disintegrates!