equal sign sticker

Guys, the cutest thing ever happened today while I was at the bank. I have one of those equal signs stickers on the back of my wheelchair, but I always forget that it’s there because I rarely see it. Anyway, I was about to leave the bank when one of the employees stopped me. He said, “I love that sticker! My partner and I have one on our fridge at home.” He looked so happy and it was just adorable. He made my day.

I had a parent of a client file a complaint about me at work.

After hearing the complaint and how completely ridiculous it is, I honestly can’t help but assume that this parent does not like me because I’m gay.

They’re openly “rednecks” who are right-wing and pro-”traditional” marriage, which I found out after a very quick facebook search.

So I’ll accept the complaint, fill out the paperwork, and continue doing my job in a world where someone’s negative words against me could cost me my job, all because they don’t like the equal sign sticker on my car bumper.