equal rights~

The ‘LGBT Rights’ page has already been removed from the White House website along with the page concerning civil rights and climate change.

Lift your voices up over this hate.

Remember, we don’t elect people so they can execute their own agendas. We elect them so they can represent us in carrying out the agenda of the people.

Let them know what you demand of them.


“We are, every single one of us, under attack. Our safety and freedoms are on the chopping block, and we are the only ones who can protect one another. If we do not stand together, march together, fight together for the next four years, we will lose together.” 

Actress America Ferrera speaks out for women’s rights in Washington DC

Thank you to all those people marching for equality today.


Women’s March on London 2017

We must stand together and unite to show what is only right: equality, equity, and justice for ALL people regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, or social standing.

Let's just call it Equal.

Today, women everywhere are marching for rights and equality. The fact that we still have to march for this subject in the year 2017 is ridiculous. So I ask, whoever you are that Still thinks women’s rights and equality are not important…..What are you so afraid of? That women will go on to do great things? Well darlings, We already have! Are you afraid women will become leaders? Oops Already have accomplished that too! Maybe we’ll prove once and for all that we really can do anything and everything in this world that you can do. Well damn … guess what… we’ve already proved that too! So now that that’s out of the way…
Ok, Maybe you’re just afraid we won’t Need you anymore.
Well, calm down my dears, I’m here to REASSURE you that we WILL always need you. We will always need each other. That’s the human way!

I’ve been in a band with all boys for 19 years. They are truly the most amazing men I know. They have always treated me with equal respect because they are dude enough to realize we are stronger together. We have a saying in the music industry that it’s not about gender, it’s about talent. Whoever has the talent, gets the gig. Simple.
See, you are scared because You are confusing a women’s demand for equality with “take over”. When really all you have to do is look up the word “equality” in the dictionary to realize that it doesn’t mean that we want to be better than you.
We don’t want to squash You or make You feel unimportant. We just want You to stop squashing us and making us feel unimportant. Stop and think about how you like to be treated. Seriously, get out a pen and list out all the rights that You have. List the rights over your body, your love, your life and your workplace… is everything just how You like it? Good! Let’s just call it equal then. Deal?




You think you better cause you straight

You think you better cause you a man

You think you better cause you white

You know what?!

You’re right!

You been privileged your whole life

Probably never had to fight

Probably had wealth your whole life

Probably never had to brush your teeth with no lights

As I climb up I see less nxggas in sight

They can’t even be in the same room as you cause you’re gay

Like homosexuality in their way

You think you better cause you straight?!

You know what it’s like to almost break?!

To almost quit?!

To no longer wanna exist?

They offended cause you said your life matters

Not better, just that it matters!

Is it wrong to not wanna die?

Is it wrong to not wanna live in fear?

Is it wrong to want a fair shot while I’m still here?

You think you better cause you straight??

You think you better cause you a man??

You think better cause you white??

You know what?! You’re right!………