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Australia overwhelmingly votes 'yes' on marriage equality
Crowds cheer results of postal survey after divisive three-month campaign, with 61.6% saying yes to same-sex marriage
By Melissa Davey

The results are in: A whopping 61.6% of Australians voted “yes” on a survey asking whether to legalize marriage equality.

While the vote doesn’t immediately legalize same-sex marriage, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has said that Parliament now has until Christmas to make nationwide marriage equality a reality. Same-sex marriage has been banned in Australia since 2004. The controversial voting campaign lasted several months.

After a national vote that was resisted at every turn by marriage equality advocates who viewed it as an affront because it determined the right to equality before the law by a majoritarian vote, prominent LGBTI Australians celebrated that the Australian values of fairness and equality were reflected in the outcome.

Large public gatherings in major cities, including Sydney and Melbourne, saw marriage proposals, tears and the popping of champagne corks as Australia’s chief statistician, David Kalisch, announced the result in the capital, Canberra. […]

For Hannah Collins and Heather Ford, there was no time to waste. When Kalisch finally announced that the yes campaign had secured 61.6% of the vote in Australia’s voluntary same-sex marriage postal survey, Ford proposed. “Heather got down on her knee, mate, and the date is 4 April,” Collins said.

Love, love, love, love, love. Congratulations, Australia. Love wins again. 

So my university is starting to put these up around campus today.

“The point here is to move beyond the binary of either you’re this or you’re that… ” - Paris Prince, Special Assistant for LGBTQ Initiatives

The Pope’s on his way to the US, but he’s excluded ‪#LGBT‬ Catholics as a part of his trip. What do you think – is the Pope’s legacy going to be one of equality or not?

Tell Pope Francis to listen to ALL Catholics by adding your name here: go.allout.org/en/a/pope

Bi Agenda

What People Assume the Bi Agenda Is

1) Get up and put on slutty clothes

2) Have a good morning threesome

3) Destroy a relationship

4) Cheat on significant other

5) Threesome

6) Cease to exist

What the Bi Agenda Really Is

1) Get up and dress the way we like

2) Eat breakfast

3) Go on date with singular significant other (unless you’re poly in which case do your thang)

4) Exist

So many gay teens commit suicide every day because they don’t accept themselves.People bully them and don’t accept them.They are fighting a psychological war between what’s wrong and right.They can’t be themselves.They don’t let them.But how do we want other people to accept us if we don’t accept ourselves?With this post,I’d like every lgbt teen to come out.Repost this.Be proud of who you are.Stand up for yourselves.You are not alone. Starting with me; I’M GAY and I don’t care what you are going to say.You can’t bring me down.I can’t change but if I could I wouldn’t.

Coming out in General

Coming out to people in general was pretty amusing for me. But a few stories stuck out meow than others.

Best Friend: Sooo yesterday I might have let it slip that someone in the group was bisexual..

Me: Oh lord what did you say?

Best Friend: I was taking to the guys and said someone in the group likes dicks and vaginas

Me: *Bursts out laughing* oh my god I wish I was there to see. When you tell them that it’s me I want to be present.

The next day she called me over and asked if she could say. I just shrugged while she turned to the guys.

Best Friend: So remember what I said about someone liking dicks and vaginas?

Guys: *nod*

Best Friend: Well it’s *points to me and I mock bow*

Guy 1: I had no idea wow!

Me: How did you guys not know I always refer to you as straight people and in constantly obsessing over Natasha Romanoff!

Then there was my extremely religious conservative friend that I was terrified to come out too. But we’re super close so I did anyway.

Me: um hey I just wanted you to know something

Conservative Friend: yeah?

Me: I like girls and guys and I’m bisexual

Conservative Friend:…

Me: don’t hate me please

Conservative Friend: why would I? Oh gosh has anyone said anything mean give me names and I’ll beat them up!

Then that weekend she went home and read all of Genosis and came to me looking quite proud.

Conservative Friend: I found nothing in the bible against is which is why homophobes are stupid

Oh and I love all the jokes I can make and the crack my friend make.