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I keep reading what women are writing in anticipation of “Wonder Woman” and in reaction to seeing the film, and it’s really starting to piss me off. We are so starved for quality female representation in movies that whenever we do get it, it feels like something we need to celebrate and be grateful for. Women make up half of the fucking population; equal representation should be a given.

Representation for POC, LGBT+, disabled people, etc. is dismal as well. We all deserve better than this.

Ten sinister biases afflicting English universities

1. The majority of English departments continue to exist, which means that they have (implicitly or explicitly) chosen ‘to be’ over 'not to be’. This is a clear insult to the memory of Shakespeare’s most thinksome hero, Hamlet.

2. Similarly, French departments refuse to go back to France, even though they are taking up valuable real estate that could be used by English departments. Many French departments have been in England for decades.

3. One of the fundamental questions of History is: should we learn from history, or repeat it? It is nearly impossible to find an academic historian to support the latter view. We believe a more equitable situation would be to install an equal population of repeaters in our halls of learning.

4. Engineering departments continue to work on technologies designed to prevent buses lying on their sides. They refuse to acknowledge that this is as valid a position as any other.

5. Any child could tell you that the moon is made of cheese. Nonetheless, we could not find a single astrophysicist willing to support this idea.

6. Geography departments continue to insist that Britain is in Europe, erasing its true geographical position on the glorious continental shelf of Great-Britannia.

7. Physiologists have failed to provide guidance on stiffening the country’s upper lips, to which end great teams of bankers are trying to prop up the pound with faceparts that are frankly a bit wobbly and is it any wonder that they are failing and also getting bits of disintegrating pound down the fronts of their shirts, the poor souls.

8. The country’s physics departments slavishly obey the so-called law of gravity, even though it has never been officially incorporated into English law. If only our physicists were more open-minded on this matter, we might be able to embark up on an independent space program at almost zero cost.

9. Mathematicians continue to insist that there are more than two sides to each polygon, a confusing viewpoint which seems likely to cloud debate over which side is best.

10. Similarly, it is useless to debate with archaeologists. Once they are in a hole they will not stop digging.

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"Sweden took in 81,000 asylum seekers in 2015, which equals 8% of its population." wrong. Sweden has 9.981.799 citizens, which means they took in only 0,8% of their populations. with this huge error, all your calculations about rape and molestations are totally incorrect. but i guess math don't matters nowadays, right? well, seems like trump is not the only one who likes to use "alternative facts" :/

A super-embarrassing calculation error, Anon, thanks for pointing out (even if you did in a snide, shitty way).  We’ve corrected that error & updated the stats and guess what?  There’s still no correlation between refugees & crime in Sweden, much less any demonstrable causation!  

I didn’t think being a feminist was supposed to be hard.

But the way it’s talked about—even among feminists—is so tricky that it makes it hard. 

Like if you say something that’s problematic because you didn’t know better, people jump on you like you’re trying to kill the entire movement. Instead of explaining why it’s problematic, they just say, “You’re not a REAL feminist,” and hate you. People used to be scared to be a feminist because they were afraid of being labeled aggressive or man-hating or whatever the old stereotypes of feminism were. I’m not afraid to call myself a feminist, but I’m afraid to talk about it because I’m afraid that anything I say might be wrong, and that I won’t even get the credit for trying. I’m even scared to post this for fear that my feminism isn’t the “right” kind of feminism.

For example, I think that men should be included in the conversation of feminism because they are an overwhelming part of the problem, and how can you talk about equality when half the population is not included in the conversation? Yes, there are a shit ton of men who shut feminism down and are sexist misogynist dicks. But there are a lot of men who are ignorant about feminism, not because they choose to be, but because no one ever taught them. That’s privilege. Privilege is not knowing you are privileged, and if no one ever tells them or talks to them about it, then they’ll remain ignorant. If they shut you down after you talk to them, then fine—they’re assholes. But what do you lose by trying to engage them in the conversation? Men are the ones who sustain the patriarchy, and they can help take it down.

But as soon as you talk about including men in the conversation, people start yelling that men shouldn’t be included because they don’t care about feminism or that they don’t get a say in it. And that’s true, they shouldn’t get a say, but they should listen. And yeah, a lot of guys don’t care about feminism, but every guy who becomes more informed is a chance that they will become a powerful ally. And then when I say this, people think that it’s “unfeminist” to need a man’s help. 

And that’s just it—a lot of feminism seems to be feminists shouting at each other. Yes, there are self-proclaimed feminists who use the movement as a self-serving tool, and that’s wrong. But a lot of feminists are just trying to do good by humanity, and we’re all learning. And a lot of the feminists that are put on pedestals because of their celebrity status will inherently have problematic views because they are privileged. And, as stated before, privilege is often times not knowing when something you say stems from your privilege. So if the “good” feminist says something bad unintentionally, they shouldn’t be shamed, but enlightened about why what they said was bad. And you hope that they’ll learn from it and do better next time.

It seems that a lot of time feminists call out other feminists for not being feminist enough. I’m not talking about calling out people who use feminism self-servingly—they deserve to be called out. I’m talking about feminists who are genuinely trying to do something good for the movement. And yeah, maybe they say something problematic—not because they were trying to hurt anyone, but because they didn’t know better—but how does it help tearing down someone who is really trying to do good for other people? It sort of feels like someone who donates money to charity, and then someone else says, “Well you’re not donating enough.” At least they’re donating at all? 

Basically, I guess I just feel like Roxanne Gay’s TedTalk “Confessions of a bad feminist.” 

But I’ll keep learning, keep being a feminist. 

Le sigh.

tumblr is populated by equal parts annoying white gays who think getting a couple anon messages a day makes them famous and grown ass adults still obsessed with childrens’ cartoons

No acceptable alternative

Can I just say, even if Trump is eventually impeached and removed from office, Mike “Mother-May-I” Pence is NOT an acceptable replacement. He’s not even an acceptable VP.

I’m not saying this just because I can’t think of many Republicans fit to hold national office right now. The party is in the toilet and its platform goals are shit at best and fatal at worst. But Pence is a particularly bad candidate for a job that requires working with a lot of different people and viewpoints, for different reasons than Trump.

Pence might be able to keep his mouth shut. He might be smarter than Trump. He might be more of an adult than Trump. I don’t know - I’ve met Pence several times, but I’ve never met Trump. The problem - and it’s a BIG one - is that he is incapable of treating the other half of the human population with equal consideration he gives his own. A man who avows he cannot be in a room alone with a woman without his wife chaperoning the interaction is not capable of leading a country of any size. I mean, can you imagine if Hillary freely said she wasn’t capable of having private meetings with men without Bill present because Zeus told her it was wrong? (Then again, can you imagine Hillary NOT being able to handle herself in any meeting with any person?)

Where do German people live?

Germany is Europe’s most populous country. A glance at a map shows that its 82 million inhabitants live in a multitude of different towns & communities. The smallest hamlet Wiedenborstel, 60 km north of Hamburg in Schleswig-Holstein, has exactly 11 inhabitants; the area has 1.1 inhabitants per square km in contrast with 3,849 per square km in Berlin. The German average is 230. 

Of the ~4,500 municipalities that make up Germany, 30% are cities and towns, 70% are rural communities - but the large percentage of rural communities is deceptive, as the bulk of the population lives in urban and suburban environments. About 75% of Germans live in metropolitan regions.

By international comparison, Germany’s urban character is shaped by a system of many different-sized cities and metro regions. Although there are many large cities, only 4 have more than 1 million inhabitants (Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne). The capital, Berlin, is not the only major urban center. The big picture from outer space offers proof. At night the glowing illuminations of several large urban areas are visible. Theoretically, an astronaut could pick out 81 large towns, 611 medium-sized towns, and 1,584 small towns. In the north, east and south, they’d be able to identify individual large metropolitan areas, characterized by small towns and villages. In the far west, Germany’s industrial area, most of the population is concentrated in huge conurbations of major economic regions along the Rhine, Ruhr and Main rivers, as well as in the southwest German agglomeration areas.

A classic rural population that lives permanently on the land is more of an exception. Nowadays, rural life is often found in the surrounding region or within reach of large cities, where about 40% of the jobs are located. 

Between 2000 and 2007 a total of 1.5 million people moved from eastern to western Germany. At the same time about 1 million moved from the western to the eastern states. That’s 120,000 - 140,000 people each year, equaling the population of a large west German city. The most popular destinations were Berlin and Saxony. While some parts of rural Germany are experiencing a steady po­pulation decline, communication networks are increasing between town and country. Germany has 11 metropolitan regions (#1 in Europe). As per a BBSR study, 4 of them are among Europe’s most important metropolitan regions: FrankfurtRhineMain, Rhine-Ruhr, Berlin, and Munich. Rhine-Ruhr and FrankfurtRhineMain score well as strong economic regions, Berlin as a political center, Munich as a center of science.

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why does the one state solution need to be a binational state when there are more than two ethnic groups living in the land (besides palestinians n jews)? Why cant it just be multinational state or a state that recognizes the diverse ethnic groups that will coexist within it?

because palestinians and jews make up almost exactly equally sized populations and the ethnic minorities make up less than a percentage, and generally when you have two such equally sized groups within a state, they construct some sort of representation model [i.e. lebanon, the balkan states, rojava, etc] to make sure neither of them harm the other and that they’re well represented

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would you mind explaining a/b/o, exactly? i'm still not entirely sure what it is! i'm mainly lost on bonding/bond marks and nesting, but the rest is still a little confusing! (also thanks for all the quality alpha smut... the way you write shigaraki is top tier my friend)

No problem, dear!! I’m not sure how general you want me to be? So this will be a brief crash course (on how I write a/b/o!) and I’ll answer your specific questions at the end! And thank you so much, the villains are tough for me so that means a lot!

a/b/o or omegaverse is an au where everyone has one of three biological presentations: alpha, beta, or omega. Men and women can be any of the three, and the presentations are generally equally distributed across the population. 

Alphas are typically, but not exclusively, larger than their beta and omega counterparts, and possess a specific scent that identifies them as individuals and as alphas. They experience ‘rut’ every three to four months or so, which is a spike in sex drive that lasts three to five days and can be taken care of through sex regardless of whether or not the alpha is bonded. Alphas generally seek out and mate omegas, but they can court betas and even other alphas as well.

Betas are the most neutral presentation. They don’t experience ruts or heats, they don’t have obvious scents, and they don’t bond the same way as alphas and omegas do. Betas generally mate with other betas, but this isn’t exclusive either. Since they aren’t affected as heavily by scents and hormones, they often fall into positions of decision making and serve as the mediators among their social circles.

Omegas are the submissive presentation, although that doesn’t mean that all omegas are dispositionally timid. Similar to alphas, they also possess phermones that give them a specific scent that identifies them as omegas. This scent strengthens around the time that they’re going to go into ‘heat,’ which occurs at the end of a typical 28 to 30 day reproductive cycle. Heat is an increased desire for sex much like a rut, but more intense and potentially debilitating for the omega. Mated omegas experience more manageable heats than unmated omegas, and heats can be controlled with contraceptives and drugs called suppressants. Omegas usually seek out alphas for mating purposes, but can be attracted to betas and other omegas just like the rest of the presentations.

Bonding only truly occurs between alphas and omegas, but alphas often mark their partners regardless of their presentation. Bonding occurs when an alpha bites an omega’s scent gland hard enough to draw blood, usually on the neck or shoulder, and a bond mark is the scar that’s left behind when an alpha bites an omega to bond them. Bonding serves to bring mates closer together and to show other alphas that an omega is officially taken.

Nesting is an omega behavior that generally occurs around the time they’re going into heat. It’s basically just the instinct to build a nest that comes along with all the mating hormones and the pup protecting tendencies. Omegas will gather up blankets and pillows and clothes and things and settle into a space to build a nest. It could be their bed or a closet or any space they fancy really, they just make it into their own space for their heat.