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I keep reading what women are writing in anticipation of “Wonder Woman” and in reaction to seeing the film, and it’s really starting to piss me off. We are so starved for quality female representation in movies that whenever we do get it, it feels like something we need to celebrate and be grateful for. Women make up half of the fucking population; equal representation should be a given.

Representation for POC, LGBT+, disabled people, etc. is dismal as well. We all deserve better than this.

Prince Charles just issued a veiled warning over Donald Trump which everyone should listen to
Prince Charles has issued a warning over the “rise of populism” in a veiled apparent reference to the election of Donald Trump and increasingly hostile attitudes towards refugees in Europe. The Prince of Wales said there were “deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s”, adding that “evil” religious persecution was taking place across the globe.

“We are now seeing the rise of many populist groups across the world that are increasingly aggressive to those who adhere to a minority faith. All of this has deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s….’’


tumblr is populated by equal parts annoying white gays who think getting a couple anon messages a day makes them famous and grown ass adults still obsessed with childrens’ cartoons

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"Sweden took in 81,000 asylum seekers in 2015, which equals 8% of its population." wrong. Sweden has 9.981.799 citizens, which means they took in only 0,8% of their populations. with this huge error, all your calculations about rape and molestations are totally incorrect. but i guess math don't matters nowadays, right? well, seems like trump is not the only one who likes to use "alternative facts" :/

A super-embarrassing calculation error, Anon, thanks for pointing out (even if you did in a snide, shitty way).  We’ve corrected that error & updated the stats and guess what?  There’s still no correlation between refugees & crime in Sweden, much less any demonstrable causation!  

A decorated U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class (Ship’s Cook First Class) and his Japanese wife in a studio portrait taken in Occupied Japan, 1946.

Ironically, African American occupation soldiers, whose major mission in Japan was to democratize the defeated nation and disseminate the values of freedom and equality among the Japanese population, served in a segregated U.S. military.

Despite several assurances to the otherwise, the Japanese quickly realized that the racial equality they had been told they could expect from Americans did not extend to all U.S. citizens.

By the end of 1945, over 40,000 African American members of the U.S. military were serving on occupation duty in Japan. Many married Japanese women and had children. These veterans, like the sailor shown above, were instrumental in confronting the institutional, organizational and ideological barriers to interracial relationships that existed in Japan and the United States.

(Original portrait from our private collection.)

I didn’t think being a feminist was supposed to be hard.

But the way it’s talked about—even among feminists—is so tricky that it makes it hard. 

Like if you say something that’s problematic because you didn’t know better, people jump on you like you’re trying to kill the entire movement. Instead of explaining why it’s problematic, they just say, “You’re not a REAL feminist,” and hate you. People used to be scared to be a feminist because they were afraid of being labeled aggressive or man-hating or whatever the old stereotypes of feminism were. I’m not afraid to call myself a feminist, but I’m afraid to talk about it because I’m afraid that anything I say might be wrong, and that I won’t even get the credit for trying. I’m even scared to post this for fear that my feminism isn’t the “right” kind of feminism.

For example, I think that men should be included in the conversation of feminism because they are an overwhelming part of the problem, and how can you talk about equality when half the population is not included in the conversation? Yes, there are a shit ton of men who shut feminism down and are sexist misogynist dicks. But there are a lot of men who are ignorant about feminism, not because they choose to be, but because no one ever taught them. That’s privilege. Privilege is not knowing you are privileged, and if no one ever tells them or talks to them about it, then they’ll remain ignorant. If they shut you down after you talk to them, then fine—they’re assholes. But what do you lose by trying to engage them in the conversation? Men are the ones who sustain the patriarchy, and they can help take it down.

But as soon as you talk about including men in the conversation, people start yelling that men shouldn’t be included because they don’t care about feminism or that they don’t get a say in it. And that’s true, they shouldn’t get a say, but they should listen. And yeah, a lot of guys don’t care about feminism, but every guy who becomes more informed is a chance that they will become a powerful ally. And then when I say this, people think that it’s “unfeminist” to need a man’s help. 

And that’s just it—a lot of feminism seems to be feminists shouting at each other. Yes, there are self-proclaimed feminists who use the movement as a self-serving tool, and that’s wrong. But a lot of feminists are just trying to do good by humanity, and we’re all learning. And a lot of the feminists that are put on pedestals because of their celebrity status will inherently have problematic views because they are privileged. And, as stated before, privilege is often times not knowing when something you say stems from your privilege. So if the “good” feminist says something bad unintentionally, they shouldn’t be shamed, but enlightened about why what they said was bad. And you hope that they’ll learn from it and do better next time.

It seems that a lot of time feminists call out other feminists for not being feminist enough. I’m not talking about calling out people who use feminism self-servingly—they deserve to be called out. I’m talking about feminists who are genuinely trying to do something good for the movement. And yeah, maybe they say something problematic—not because they were trying to hurt anyone, but because they didn’t know better—but how does it help tearing down someone who is really trying to do good for other people? It sort of feels like someone who donates money to charity, and then someone else says, “Well you’re not donating enough.” At least they’re donating at all? 

Basically, I guess I just feel like Roxanne Gay’s TedTalk “Confessions of a bad feminist.” 

But I’ll keep learning, keep being a feminist. 

Le sigh.

The big flaw with Compatibility!!

I decided since I came back from my break, I would work on my content for my website and stop posting here. I am going to stop with the expectation of this because I feel like it’s specific to Tumblr. The reason I needed to take a break is that I have a lot going on in my personal life and at the same time I need a break. I love astrology passionately and intensely but sometimes its frustrating when you see people being misled. I don’t mean to sound like I’m attacking and I don’t want to explain in great detail through text as to why I think it’s so important for me to correct this stuff. 

First of all please remember that if you’re going to someone for synastry or advice on who’s “best for you”, be very very particular on who you go to if you’re going to take it seriously. And if you’re giving advice as a blogger, be accurate. It doesn’t matter how common a pairing is based off information or people on tumblr because leaving people who believe in astrology, there’s over 7 billion people in the world. It doesn’t make sense to go from a small amount of less than 20,000. In statistics thats called a small sampling size, and in my opinion it is small because we’re generalizing a point. It’s also densely biased when we talk about pairings, find someone who isn’t biased. You can’t take what you’ve experienced and make that set in stone for people who share a sign with you. 

For instance sextile pairings are not the best pairings. They aren’t dynamic or erotic in an emotional or physical sense. A lot of people ask about zodiac sign pairings leaving the whole charts alone and just focusing on the Sun. They aren’t the worst but they aren’t the best, in fact the sextile in general isn’t a major aspect on its own. They’re just extremely glamorized. Soo…. Taurus x Cancer, Capricorn x Scorpio, Leo x Libra, Aries x Gemini isn’t the best or the most breathtaking. It’s heavily glamorized, even between the signs but it isn’t true. If planets could rule relationships between aspects, I’d make Neptune rule this. I have nothing against sextile pairings but I hate seeing people misinformed. You can’t take a couple relationships or your own and label the whole thing, don’t be biased. 

You can’t tell someone who makes a great pair for them just because of an experience(s) you have. For instance if we theoretically could equally divide the world population by all 12 zodiac sign, you can’t be the spokesperson for all of them. Every chart is so specific and individualized, even your Sun, Moon, and Venus don’t tell you all you need in a relationship or who you should be with.I can’t go up to another Taurus and start praising that all Cancers are such and such for us (good or bad). If I met 5 Cancers, they’d all be different. All the relationships would be different. 

I decided to make this as a little guide that if you’re refining your understanding of astrology or learning you can use this. This isn’t everything but its major components I want to focus on. 

The Most Compatible while being Blissful, Sweet, and Fulfilling

Trine relationships (same element pairings). You can see capability of Dyanamic and erotic emotional/physical/mental dynamic growth when looking at the individual charts. Not just placements******

The Most Compatible while being Dynamic, Binding, and  Erotic 

The sister/opposite signs. You can see the rest of the “story” with the two individual charts. Keep in mind sister signs are a lot more similar than you think, they have small differences in them which BETWEEN THEM seem significant because its something they lack.

The Least Compatible but Attracting and Dynamic. 

Square relationships. Remember to look at the individual charts to get the whole picture. Doesn’t mean it’s the least it cant work. 

**********       Remember each pair has potential to grow       ***********

Please always make sure that the people you go to for advice, or if you’re a blogger, that what your learning from is credible. It doesn’t mean that it’s on the internet it’s right. If you’re serious about astrology, go to the right people and even do your own research. I love people who take astrology seriously and passionately so you can always connect with me. The reason why I find so much importance in making it accurate is that we’re the next generation to hold astrology, and we don’t want to teach it wrong to the next generations. 

No acceptable alternative

Can I just say, even if Trump is eventually impeached and removed from office, Mike “Mother-May-I” Pence is NOT an acceptable replacement. He’s not even an acceptable VP.

I’m not saying this just because I can’t think of many Republicans fit to hold national office right now. The party is in the toilet and its platform goals are shit at best and fatal at worst. But Pence is a particularly bad candidate for a job that requires working with a lot of different people and viewpoints, for different reasons than Trump.

Pence might be able to keep his mouth shut. He might be smarter than Trump. He might be more of an adult than Trump. I don’t know - I’ve met Pence several times, but I’ve never met Trump. The problem - and it’s a BIG one - is that he is incapable of treating the other half of the human population with equal consideration he gives his own. A man who avows he cannot be in a room alone with a woman without his wife chaperoning the interaction is not capable of leading a country of any size. I mean, can you imagine if Hillary freely said she wasn’t capable of having private meetings with men without Bill present because Zeus told her it was wrong? (Then again, can you imagine Hillary NOT being able to handle herself in any meeting with any person?)

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I can't believe a 19 year old Slytherine has a better grasp of geopolitics than the men who fought a revolution and founded a constitutional republic

I’m gonna go ahead and venture a guess that this is about my electoral college post, and that you’re being snide.

  1. The electoral college was formed to benefit slave owners. (Source.)
  2. The electoral college violates the idea of one person getting one vote. (You know, DEMOCRACY.) (Source.) 
  3. So when people in rural areas say that without the electoral college, they’d have less say than everyone else – no. They’d get EQUAL say. The reason why states like New York and Illinois would probably have their views more likely to win in an election over the views of states like North Dakota or Montana is because MORE PEOPLE LIVE THERE. Without the electoral college, each individual person gets one vote, and each vote counts EQUALLY. Ergo, more populated states would be more likely to get what they want because they have MORE VOTERS. It’s not that anyone would be saying “who cares what Montana thinks,” it’s that Montana isn’t as populated as other states, so they’d have fewer votes to count. Because, here’s a wild idea, maybe we shouldn’t go off what the STATES want. Maybe we should go off what the VOTERS want. (Source: How population density works.)
  4. The electoral college makes it possible for someone who got LESS VOTES – ie, does NOT have the support of the American people – to become President. (Source: the fact that the Grand Jackass is now in charge.)
  5. The electoral college was established via the Constitution. The Constitution is intended to be a “living, breathing” document – ie, it was MEANT TO BE CHANGED as society, ideals, and needs of the country changed. Because, newsflash, the Founding Fathers were aware it wasn’t gonna be 1776 forever, and that, hey, things might change, and maybe the Constitution would need to change, too, every once and a while. (Source: the Constitution, basic history classes.)

So here’s a crazy idea. Why don’t we take all the votes… AND COUNT THEM?

Where do German people live?

Germany is Europe’s most populous country. A glance at a map shows that its 82 million inhabitants live in a multitude of different towns & communities. The smallest hamlet Wiedenborstel, 60 km north of Hamburg in Schleswig-Holstein, has exactly 11 inhabitants; the area has 1.1 inhabitants per square km in contrast with 3,849 per square km in Berlin. The German average is 230. 

Of the ~4,500 municipalities that make up Germany, 30% are cities and towns, 70% are rural communities - but the large percentage of rural communities is deceptive, as the bulk of the population lives in urban and suburban environments. About 75% of Germans live in metropolitan regions.

By international comparison, Germany’s urban character is shaped by a system of many different-sized cities and metro regions. Although there are many large cities, only 4 have more than 1 million inhabitants (Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne). The capital, Berlin, is not the only major urban center. The big picture from outer space offers proof. At night the glowing illuminations of several large urban areas are visible. Theoretically, an astronaut could pick out 81 large towns, 611 medium-sized towns, and 1,584 small towns. In the north, east and south, they’d be able to identify individual large metropolitan areas, characterized by small towns and villages. In the far west, Germany’s industrial area, most of the population is concentrated in huge conurbations of major economic regions along the Rhine, Ruhr and Main rivers, as well as in the southwest German agglomeration areas.

A classic rural population that lives permanently on the land is more of an exception. Nowadays, rural life is often found in the surrounding region or within reach of large cities, where about 40% of the jobs are located. 

Between 2000 and 2007 a total of 1.5 million people moved from eastern to western Germany. At the same time about 1 million moved from the western to the eastern states. That’s 120,000 - 140,000 people each year, equaling the population of a large west German city. The most popular destinations were Berlin and Saxony. While some parts of rural Germany are experiencing a steady po­pulation decline, communication networks are increasing between town and country. Germany has 11 metropolitan regions (#1 in Europe). As per a BBSR study, 4 of them are among Europe’s most important metropolitan regions: FrankfurtRhineMain, Rhine-Ruhr, Berlin, and Munich. Rhine-Ruhr and FrankfurtRhineMain score well as strong economic regions, Berlin as a political center, Munich as a center of science.