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A Reminder:

cis ≠ transphobic

straight ≠ homophobic

white ≠ racist

male ≠ sexist

able bodied/minded ≠ ableist 

being any of these does not make you a bad person, don’t ever let tumblr tell you that who you are is a bad thing. lets spread love instead of hate alright? ♥

if only it was 2008 there’d be approximately a billion 91 days amvs with the song i hate everything about you by three days grace


“ without losing a piece of me,
How do I get to heaven?
…Oh so if I’m losing a piece of me, maybe I don’t want heaven.”


I found these oldoldoooold sketches in my previous sketchbook. Someone in the sinbin requested Adrinette selfies, @amynchan or @onepwanch I think??? I actually started to colour this ages ago (I’m on mobile so can’t link the post, but it’s in my djwifi tag), but since I’m clearly never gonna colour them on the comp after all, I’m just dumping them here as is xD

Anyway the backstory here was them going to an aquarium for a school project. And in the last one, I actually wrote this:

…And he says,
“Whale, I really just do this for the Halibut,
but if you’re willing to pay me, I guess I wouldn’t mind making a few Squid!”

Dude that’s awful hahaha

Haha. I’m Saury, man, I’ll try to Reel it in!

(face in hands laughing)

(stares with mingled look of disillusionment and disgust)

So my internet is iffy right now, and when I dunno if it is the net or tumblr having connectivity issues/lag, I open a new tab and keymash whatever to see if Google loads and searches, thus meaning my net is fine and it is tumblr that is messing up.

Except I did that just now I happened to write the exact same keymash that I once mashed for a post over a year ago, so it showed it as the first result.

What I am trying to say here is that it is true that, given enough typewritters and years, monkeys can write a Shakespeare piece.


“What, done already?”

“Yes! I am already so strong! If I get any stronger, I will be TOO POWERFUL for my earthly form!!!”

“Well, we certainly don’t want that.”

“Also I want to eat breakfast now.”

“Of course.”

Luna hasn’t said that she feels stupid since we’ve started this, so I think it’s helping. Robin and I have decided to hold off any discussions about diagnoses until she’s a little older. Besides, she’s doing just fine.

I encourage you all to take some time to give affirmations to your children too. They say that how you speak about and to your child becomes their inner voice. Make it a loving one, okay? :)

I just…desperately want something undeniably romantic to happen between Bellarke in 4a. Something that even the antis can’t pass off as “platonic” or “reaching”.

And it doesn’t have to be something that makes them canon. Maybe it’s better if it doesn’t. Just something that makes them both wonder about the true nature of their relationship.

(Evaluate and re-evaluate.)

Something that makes them aware of their feelings for each other, and that the other returns those feelings, even if they don’t have time or energy to waste on exploring that aspect of their relationship right now.

(So they steer away from it.)

It can be a kiss or it can be a moment that almost turns into a kiss before they pull away, it can be them taking comfort in each other or falling asleep next to each other or holding hands for longer than is necessary. Glances that last too long that neither wants to break.

Just. Give me something, please.

anonymous asked:

ahhh sovo!! I've been in love with your art for the longest time and I just feel like I should thank you for sharing your art with us and for being a huge inspiration of mine! you're a wonderful person and I hope you have an amazing day ok (I'm sorry this isn't really an ask it's more of an appreciation comment but w/e tysm!!)

please i love appreciation comments, thank you sm for taking the time to tell me! im so glad u think so and i wish u an amazing day too ♡


DARK MATTER | 2.11 | Three & Five

You could always give me the gun.