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A Spell for Blessing Others

Sometimes we want to use our craft to help others. Whether we wish to ease their troubles, alleviate their fears, or just wish them well. Here is a simple spell that will allow you to bless individuals or groups.

You will need
1. One large candle
2. Three smaller candles
3. Three colours of thread or cord (yellow, blue, and green)
4. A plate

If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.

To begin, set the large candle on the plate. This candle will represent the person or group you are blessing. Next, take the three smaller candles and place them against the sides of the larger candle at equal distance from each other–like the points of a triangle surrounding the centre candle. The first candle will represent wisdom, the second healing, and the third abundance.

Next, take the yellow thread, wrap it about the candles (securing the smaller ones to the large one), and tie it with a knot. Then take the blue thread and secure it around the candles as you did the yellow. Finish with the green thread in the same manner.

Next, light the centre candle and reflect on all the blessings this person/group has brought into your life. Repeat the following aloud and with intent (for the chants insert the person or group’s name along with appropriate pronouns):

[Name] you have brought me
Innumerable blessings
You have filled my life
And I repay this grace

Now, light the three smaller candles and repeat the following with intention and love:

Goddess three
Let this be
From my love
Wisdom above
All other gifts

Goddess three
Let this be
From my heart
This impart
Healing [pronoun]

Goddess three
Let this be
May [pronoun] sense
From my wish

Take a slow, deep breath, gathering all your good will, wishes, and hopes for this person/group. Then release the breath, blowing out the candles. Picture the blessing speeding out from the flames to the person/persons.

Yellow: the colour associated with the element of air and with wisdom
Blue: the colour associated with the element of the water and with healing
Green: the colour associated with the element of earth and with abundance

You think when Kuro showed up everyone pulled an Allura and kept their distance?

Even Shiro, who knew that they could at least kinda maybe trust the clone.

But before any sort of bonding- pr adopting Kuro into the family, they just shunned him.

Maybe he reacted equally, kept his distance and raised his guard around these people. Never look the princess in the eye, don’t look at the holt kid…to many questions in those eyes…even Coran who tolerates him the most won’t actively seek him out for anything, not even to clean…

And then there’s Lance.

Lance who upon hearing the news that they were “rescuing the clone and saving him form torture and other horrible shit” - whose first thought was “Ok. thats someone to protect.”

Lance who kept that going, who was the only one who would wait for Kuro in the healing pod after everyone slipped off. Who greeted a confused and obviously distressed man upon exiting said pod. (Did he tell anyone that the first words spoken were said through a hand on his throat pressed against the pods side? Never. It’s ok! You’re okay…I’m here to help…)

Lance grew up with adopted siblings. He knew the things to look out for. Sure he was used to younger kids, but the signs were the same. Despondence, hyper aware caution. Inability to fit into the family…

Making it his personal goal to befriend the dark version of his friend, no matter what stigma it carried. Refusing to address by anything other than Kuro Not like Keith, who wouldn’t even speak. Pidge,  the clone.Allura…it….

Lance who endeared himself slowly to Kuro. Who was the first to hear a genuine reaction  other than anger and fear. First time he got Kuro to laugh and it was a shitty pun and he was ELATED.

Lance who very slowly worked Kuro into the group as a whole. Who helped him fit in.

Who unbeknownst to himself, was someone Kuro was willing to fight for. Someone he was willing to live for.

And someone who he was driven to prove himself to.

me: uhh ??? no I don’t live off of drama?? i get more invested in stocks than I do in drama tf?

also me: *drops a piece of chicken on the floor at equal distance between my dog and cat*

White Diamond: Not a fusion, not poofed, not shattered, and definitely real - An Analysis

Let’s begin at the beginning: The Era-2 Diamond Authority Symbol: 

It shows the symbols of Blue, Yellow, and White, all three of them triangles of equal size and distance. Turn the triangle on any three sides and it looks the same, but with a different Diamond on top.

Now let’s see the Era 1 logo: 

Pretty much the same deal as before. Four Diamonds, equal size, distance, etc. What this tell us is that whoever White Diamond is, she definitely existed both before AND after the war, which puts a big fat strike in the boxes of “fusion,” “poofed,” and “shattered,” since why keep someone who isn’t around anymore in the logo if they did the same with Pink?

Now let’s take a look at our next glimpse of White, the murals: 

First off, if we count the planets around each Diamond (presumably their colonies as of Era 1), we get:

- 14 White, plus the orb in her hands

- 7 Yellow (across TWO star systems)

- 8 Blue

- 1 Pink

Even considering the orb to be Homeworld, White comes up either short by one, or, if we consider some of the out-of-place moons to be dwarf planets, overshooting the mark. And speaking of moons, the most generous estimates tell us that:

- 3 of White’s have three moons, 4 have two moons, 3 have one, and the rest have none.

- 1 of Yellow’s has three, 1 has two, only two have 1, and the rest have none.

- NONE of Blue’s have moons.

- And Pink’s 1 planet, the Earth, has only one.

So, add that to the “not a fusion” category.

Next, let’s take a good, LONG look at White’s mural in particular: 


Now, just to add the final blow to the fusion theory, let’s remember that literally (and I AM using that word correctly) every fusion on the show has maintained the same gem placement as their components, and none of the gems in said fusions have been hidden in any way. And let’s also remember that Blue and Yellow have a very visible gem on their chests, and Pink has hers on her navel. SO… If White’s a fusion, then where are those gems that are quite clearly NOT visible where they should be?


To address the poofing theory, let’s look at the prime candidate for where her gem has been alleged to have been seen, namely, the Pyramid Gem: 

From afar, it looks perfect. Same shape and color for one thing, which is more than can be said for the old Lighthouse Gem = Blue Diamond theory. HOWEVER, here’s the size in comparison to Steven: 

Compare that with the size of Blue’s in comparison to Greg: 

Compensating for distance, IT’S ABOUT THE SAME SIZE AS HE IS. And it’s definitely not an outlier, since Yellow’s is about the same size: 

Unless White is TINY, there’s no way that the Gem from the Pyramid Temple is the same as the one we see on White’s forehead in her mural.


(And while we’re here, let’s also put to rest that THIS (the one circled):

is NOT Pink Diamond, since the shape is hexagonal, not rhomboid as it is in her mural and like the other Diamonds.)

Which brings us to our last piece of evidence, the giant white thing on Homeworld that resembles White’s silhouette: 

All we know so far is that, according to the Make a Wish kid who met Rebecca Sugar, it’s “not a statue,” which gives us the three major possibilities:

- It’s a ship (contributing to the Diamond Ship = Megazord theory)

- It’s a building, like Diamond HQ or something

- It’s White Diamond herself (which makes her HUGE, which would be odd considering how her mural and symbols are all the same size as the other Diamonds)

I can’t prove or disprove any of these as this point, but what I was able to prove is that she DOES, in fact, exist, and IS separate from the other Diamonds. That leaves only one more question:

Where the heck was she during The Trial?

Well, this ties into the previous theories rather well. Many people cite Blue and Yellow’s love for Pink and closeness between each other as reasons for why, if she did exist, White would have most certainly shown up, arguing that the Diamonds feel some sort of sisterly bond between each other. Also, people have found it odd that neither Diamond at the trial mentions her absence, not even so much as a disappointed look at the White section of the courtroom. And that is a valid question: Why wasn’t White at the trial of Rose Quartz, shatterer of her fellow Diamond?

“She doesn’t exist” shouldn’t be the first answer to come to your mind.

So far, we know that Blue and Pink were “close,” and that Yellow and Blue both “loved her,” AND that Yellow and Blue appear to have some semblance of a close relationship. We also know that Blue and Yellow both have a significant interest in the Earth and what happens to it and Rose Quartz.

What we do not know is whether or not White was as close to Pink Diamond as Blue and Yellow were. Maybe she wasn’t able to see her often, maybe she could never develop a close relationship with her, maybe she was just so busy running her 14 planets (the most out of all the Diamonds) that when Pink died, she never really knew her that well, and wasn’t hit as hard by her shattering and therefore doesn’t hold as much disdain for the Earth as the others do. Or maybe White shattered her and (correctly) assumed that going to the trial would lead to her being implicated like what happened to Yellow.

Why didn’t Blue and Yellow remark upon her absence? Well they arrived together from who-knows-where, so if they met up before entering the courtroom, and if they knew White wouldn’t be coming, they would have talked about it there.

In the end, White Diamond is most certainly NOT a fusion, she is most likely not shattered, and she is probably not poofed. She is definitely not the Pyramid Gem, and had every reason not to show up to the trial or even get involved in the story thus far.

She exists, is in power, and is a separate entity from the other Diamonds.

That’s it.

This is the amount of distance Revali crosses to fight Ganon immediately after the “Return of Ganon” memory. In total it adds up to 666.81 px, with the map itself being 621 px across.

Given that Hyrule is just 9027 meters wide and that Revali moved 1.07x as far as that, this means Revali traveled a distance equal to 9658.89 meters in an unspecified timeframe. We can get a conservative estimate though.

At the beginning of the “Return of Ganon” memory we can see that it’s dawn, and during “Despair”, by which time Revali has already lost, the Moon is out. Both of these are pretty vague times, but we can guess about 16 hours have passed. Give or take a few hours.

Crossing 9658.89 meters in 16 hours comes out to 0.17 m/s. This would make Revali’s cruising speed just 0.38 mph. It’d probably be faster to walk.

Being more generous and saying he took the trip in 1 hour? Still just 2.68 m/s. About 6 mph. Either way, it seems like flight is a little overrated here.

EDIT: Done as a response to this post.

  • [Ally wants to move Camila's lazy-boy]
  • Camila: No. Rosita does not move.
  • Ally: I'm sorry? Rosita? As in...
  • Camila: As in, "Rosita does not move."
  • Ally: Mila, it's just a chair! What's the big deal?
  • Camila: The big deal is that it is the exact equal distance from the bathroom to the kitchen and it's at the perfect angle so you don't get any glare coming off of Stevie.
  • Ally: Stevie the TV?
  • Camila:
  • Camila: Is there a problem?

Speed of Light Aesthetic

Today is the 340th anniversary of the determination of the speed of light:

By timing the eclipses of the Jupiter moon Io, Rømer estimated that light would take about 22 minutes to travel a distance equal to the diameter of Earth’s orbit around the Sun. This would give light a velocity of about 220,000 kilometres per second in SI units, about 26% lower than the true value of 299,792 km/s.

This is the story of two internet friends.
They met on a message board one night and soon became fast friends. They spoke with each other for years and years and years and one day they decided to meet up in real life. They quickly figured out a time and place to meet up in a city that was an equal distance between them. It was a public place and they were both on time but they couldn’t see the other.

So they each sent a message to the other asking where they were. Both of them were convinced the other was lying so they each took a picture of a nearby landmark and sent it. Confusion came on both their parts since they were literally standing on top of each other but they still couldn’t see the other.

They eventually figured out that they lived in parallel universes and that the internet was what connected them and allowed them to speak.

Snapshots from a (much) later future
  • An apartment for two. Crystalline figures, lined up an equal distance apart from each other, kept in a glass case in the study room, away from the cats.
  • An exy racquet signed ‘Knox’, in the back of a closet filled with various workout clothes. An XXL sized t-shirt hangs from one of the plastic hangers, jutting out incongruously from the smaller sized clothing. On it are the faded words ‘World’s Best Dad’, ‘Coach’ written underneath it in parentheses. It still smells like smoke.
  • A trophy case in an empty locker room, freshly cleaned after a match. It’s filled to the brim with medals and trophies. On the same wall, an overcrowded collection of photos. Everyone in them is smiling if you squint your eyes and tilt your head.
  • An urn filled with ash, built to be the centerpiece of a fountain in front of the house. If you look closely, you might see engraved on it, 'In loving memory of Bryan Seth Gordon’. 
  •  Various bottles of half used brightly colored hair dye sitting in a box to be shipped out. The owner doesn’t need them anymore. The little girl she’s been writing to needs them more.
  • A stuffed fox plushie tucked into the bed of at least 3 different children, all of whom’s parents will never forget the nostalgia of their college days.
  • A set of black arm bands beneath a pillow. The color has faded to gray, but the 'To Robin’ written in Sharpie on the inner label hasn’t. 
  •  A set of black arm bands tucked away in the back of a drawer. They haven’t seen light in a while. Neither have the knives hidden inside them.
Someone You Like

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A/N: I mentally sobbed while typing this, this is adorable and i probably should focus on my school work now whoops. Leave any requests in my messages or asks !

Prompt: based off the song “Someone You Like” by The Girl And The Dreamcatcher, with ramblings from Tom’s mind, then the reader’s mind, then ends with Tom’s again.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: adorable, the fluffiest, you will probably cry at how cute this is

“I saw you with that ribbon in your hair
Think that I began to stare
Maybe I’ll love you for a while”

There she was. The girl I always see in the same coffee shop every day. With that adorable thin blue ribbon in her hair. Every time I come in and see her, I stare until she leaves. Sounds kinda creepy, but she’s beautiful. If it’s possible, I  feel like I’ve fallen in love. One-sided love at first sight.

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if only it was 2008 there’d be approximately a billion 91 days amvs with the song i hate everything about you by three days grace

Assorted North Korean Vocab

This is my 4th post on north korean 조선어, no specific subject here, just words I found interesting. The south korean 한국어 equivalents are in parenthesis after each word.

동지 & 동무 comrade. while 동지 is used to refer to anyone who is working alongside you towards the same cause (in the north koreans’ case, that cause is prosperity through communism), 동무 is generally placed after the name of one’s friend or lover (친구, 당신). ex. 김일성동지, 천아 동무 

아주마이 (아줌마) colloquial version of 아주머니

안해 (아내) wife 

직사포를 쏘다 to be blunt or otherwise shockingly honest about something. literally, “to shoot with a straight-firing gun.” the opposite expression is 곡사포를 쏘다, to beat around the bush, literally to shoot with high-angle gun. this is a good example of north koreans using militaristic idioms.

보안서 (경찰서) police station. literally, ‘security station’

처단, 처단장 (처벌) punishment. a person who is to receive federal punishment in north korea receives a 처단장.

매국노 a traitor (usually to the government)

우 (위) above, on

리 a unit of measuring distance, equal to 393 meters. north korea does not generally use the metric system and thus uses its own traditional korean measurements.

만사람 (모든 사람) 만천하 (전세계) all people, the whole world. 만 is used to mean ‘all’

업간체조 (국민체조) daily aerobics done in a group in the middle of the workday 

정력 (힘, 에너지) strength, energy

린방(인접국) neighboring country/countries

머리아픔 (두통) headache. a good example of north korean favoring pure korean over chinese-derived words.

무더기비 (폭우) downpour, heavy rain. another example of pure korean.

힘살 (근육) muscle. another example of pure korean. 근육통 is 힘살아픔

료해하다 (살피다, 이해하다) examine, understand

둘쳐가다 (가져가다) take, carry on one’s shoulders/back

령도자 (지도자)leader

랭동기 (냉장고) refrigerator

당과류 (과자/사탕/캔디) candy

Reaction: Their Dog Likes You More Than Them

Request: BTS reacts to their dog liking their girlfriend more than them.


SeokJin: Jin loved his dog. That being said, he was a bit worried Jjangu might try and bite you when you first met him. He was baffled to see Jjangu curl up on your lap the moment you sat down. Jjangy started to disobey him in favor of your lap, and Jin was getting sick of it quickly. So, Jin picked up Jjangu set him down on the floor, an equal distance from you and from him. He tried his hardest to get Jjangu to come to him, but when he curled up in your lap for the second time, Jin was very, very salty.

Namjoon: Namjoon was surprised to see Rapmonster look so peaceful with you, to say the least. Rapmonster always looked so confused and appalled when he was with Namjoon, to the point where he assumed Rapmonster just looked like that. When you sent him a photo of Rapmonster sprawled out beside you, eyes closed and mouth open, he couldn’t tell whether he was happy or envious. He was pleased to see his dog enjoying your company as much as he did, but he wished Rapmonster would look like that when he was around. He’d end up sending you a bunch of heart eyes emojis and mesaage you about how cute Rapmonster is in reply to the photo no matter what he decided he felt.

Yoongi: Yoongi was jealous beyond belief when Holly didn’t run to the door after he came home from tour, opting to cuddle with you instead. You had been dog-sitting the pooch for a month and a half while Yoongi was on tour, and in that time, it seemed like Holly had completely forgotten about him. Yoongi was mad, but he couldn’t help but see how close you were with his dog and feel happy. Still, Yoongi wanted to be #1 in Holly’s life, and he would metaphorically fight you for that spot.

Hoseok: Hoseok loved his dog, and he loved you, so watching you wrestle Mickey for a purple rope toy was worthy of dozens of pictures. He loved watching you play with Mickey, but soon, Hoseok noticed Mickey would curl up on your lap instead of his, or pick your side of the bed over his. It was strange and different and Hoseok didn’t like it. Hoseok would talk to you about it as if you had robbed him of the dog altogether. Of course, it was more or less a joke, but Hoseok still wasn’t fond of the dog’s new preference.

Taehyung: Taehyung would act pouty but secretly love it when he came home to you cuddlimg with Soonshim. He’d jokingly whine constantly about the dogs love for you, all while cuddling his other pets. As long as Soonshim would still play with him and love him, Taehyung didn’t have a problem with it.

Jimin: Jimin was babysitting a dog that belonged to a close friend of his for about a month. The dog was being difficult with him, but the moment you walked in the door, he’d sit and stay and be a good dog. It secretly made Jimin upset, but he also knew that you couldn’t control the dog nor was it worth the argument. So, he kept his mouth shut.

Jungkook: Gureum was a pretty sassy dog. He only did anything Jungkook said when he had treats in his hand. With you, however, Gureum would sit, stay, and even roll over just so you would pet him. Jungkook wasn’t exactly fond of this. He was incredibly jealous. You’d probably get into a petty fight about it, which could end with him being embarrassed because you figured out he was jealous of how much Gureum loved you. In the end, he’d always be a little salty, but Jungkook would eventually realize that as long as he had the treats, Gureum loved him more.


Author’s Note: This is all my personal opinion. Please do not take this as fact.