when are people gonna stop spreading the “hot latina babe” stereotype? it is disgusting and offensive to an entire community. we are not hypersexualised objects. we are people and we deserve respect.  

Today in labor history, June 15, 2000: In Quito, Ecuador, union and student demonstrators participating in a general strike are met with tear gas when they try to approach the Government Palace. Trade unions and grassroots organizations called for a general strike in the country against International Monetary Fund economic “reforms,” which included privatization of state-owned companies and other measures.


Performative Experimentation Pavilion
Al Borde Arquitectos: David Barragán, Pascual Gangotena & Esteban Benavides
Client: Cuerpo Silencio, Diego Bolaños y Sisa Salgado
Location: Itinerante
Builder: AA Máxima, Hernán Arias Ing. y Marcelo Pazmiño Ing
Design: 2010
Construction: 2010
Area: 95m2

Oitava postagem do livro  Os Filhos dos Dias, de Eduardo Galeano, um calendário histórico poético

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