A Few Equius & Gamzee Blanket Cuddles!

So, here are just a few of the lovely rarepairs that Equius and Gamzee are apart of! With various terrible plaid blankets to cuddle in of course! (note that some pairs might be missing, but might show up later!)

Same deal as before: You can separate them out and post these images again if you want! Actually, feel free, because that will help it them get seen in the ship tags! As long as you source http://homestuck-rarepairs.tumblr.com/ everything’s golden!

- mod e


[S] Terezi & Equius: Enjoy Nature 2

Terezi || Equius

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Terezi Pyrope, Equius Zahhak, and all other mentioned characters

I had a literal dream about Equius/Terezi and I don’t understand why but I now have a strong desire for this ship.
What the fuck is wrong with me.
[shipping intensifies at an alarming rate]