What I do in English class…

(Sorry bout the bad quality… it is the SS MAKORRA heading to the iceberg that says Bryke)

I also wrote a mini story that goes along with it. 

“SS MAKORRA sounded the alarm, after colliding against the iceberg -Eps 4 & 5- (haven’t seen ep 5 yet) The crew began to run all over the deck, trying to salvage what they could. A priest began to pray as the passengers held to his hands: "O Lords of the Show, our beloved Michael and Bryan, have mercy on us…”, and suddenly, there was a huge crack and lightning came down from the sky, and the priest shut his mouth, as he understood that the Gods were laughing at the entire situation.

When Captain Chong raised her head to stare one last time at the horizon, she was astounded when she saw several ships approaching fast. 

‘Eqra!’ she called her loyal co-captain, 'look! It’s SS BORRA and SS MASAMI!’

Eqra looked up and with horror acknowledged her captain’s words were true. Their enemy ships were delighting in SS MAKORRA’s desperate situation, as both vessels seemed to be flying over the water towards the sinking ship. Chong and Eqra stared at members of the crew mixed with passengers as they jumped over the board, swimming in panic towards the massive vessels nearby, and the proud women exchanged sad glances. 

'Till the very end?’ Eqra asked.

'Always’ Chong answered with a short nod"

anonymous asked:

Where do you get this book of mahmoud darwish? And if i may ask what its name?

it’s لا أريد لهذي القصيده أن تنتهي
i got it from ( EQRA_BOOK) library , it’s in Saudi Arabia you can find them on insta,
hope you find what you want  ❤️.