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SOME Rarepairs with Dave and Jade!!

These aren’t all of course, just some of the ones that have popped up in our request box! These are pretty fun to make, so sorry there are so many! Also, although these were requested ships, these little things don’t count as a fill, so don’t worry! Like before: You can separate them out and post them again if you want! Actually, feel free, because that will help it them get seen in the tags, as long as you source http://homestuck-rarepairs.tumblr.com/! Happy Valentines Day!

- mod e

Jade and Equius having a robo-competition

Equius making snide comments about Jade’s mechanics.

Jade poking fun at how often he destroys his prototypes.

Equius sabotaging her attempts with a ‘misplaced’ hand, warping the parts.

Jade changing the sizes of his so that they don’t fit together.

Frenetic bickering over cheating; Equius saying that she’s just a lowly peasant that doesn’t stand a chance in he first place and Jade calling him a jealous asshole who’s scared she’ll beat him.