The Pear Experiment

The trend of laying under your horse and putting their foot on your stomach is a growing epidemic. This is a dangerous past time that a lot of young riders having been toting around as something to prove their relationship with their horse is full of trust and a fantastic bond. Yet by doing so you’re putting yourself at a great risk. We attempted to squish a pear today under a horses hoof to show you what a horse can do to a fruit. It didn’t end as I had hoped it too but hopefully maybe at a later date we can get an even better visual result to show you. Pears roll around out from under the horses hoof fairly easily but you can see in part of it that she did manage to slice off part of the pear with her hoof as well rather easily. The damage to the pear was still pretty significant so hopefully it still helps you get the idea. Please stop putting yourself at more risk than you should and practice safe exercises with your horse. 

Try your own hand at the experiment and tag us either on here or on tumblr with it so we can see your attempts as well! Make sure that you’re using something safe for your horse and avoid poisonous food objects if you have a food fiend for a horse!


The Watermelon Experiment

Due to the disturbing amount of pictures and videos I’ve seen of people willingly placing themselves under horse hooves, I decided to make this video. I find it rather unfortunate that many equestrians don’t understand the danger of participating in such activities. I am also disappointed that people set such a bad examples for others (especially younger equestrians). I discussed in the video that if you have any amount of followers, you have responsibility. Placing yourself under a horse hoof is not responsible, nor is it appropriate in any way, shape, or form. 

There are plenty of safe and fun ways to do trust building exercises with your horse, but pulling dangerous stunts around a horse is NOT one of them. 

I really hope that after seeing the damage a horse hoof can cause that people reconsider doing dangerous activities to prove that their horse trusts them. I really don’t want people to discover the damage that (even light) pressure form a horse hoof can cause until it’s too late.

Don’t be a fruit.

I encourage everyone to try this experiment out! Buy any type of fruit (make sure it’s safe for horses to eat!) and see what kind of damage your horse can cause by stepping on it. Post the results to youtube, instagram, etc, and tag it as #dontbeafruit so that we can see it!

Comment below telling me what you think!

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Bonding with your horse!

In this video I go over some of the DOs and DON'Ts with bonding with a horse to give you guys a general idea of what I think is responsible and irresponsible horsemanship.



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Anyways enjoy this thing here

Basically why you do not wanna be under your horse’s hooves if you can avoid it


im making a video for EqDaily soon so stay tuned for the full vid


it is about raising awareness about what is going on and spreading information about how unsafe it is. if you think that this campaign is about attacking young girls  you need to stop and take a look at yourself because attacking young girls is the wrong way to go about anything. they are children who have not yet been taught any better and probably need better guidance in their life when it comes to horses.


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Why Horseback Riding Shouldn’t be compared to….

Newest EqDaily video…

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Guest Speaker: Danielle Grimes

Today we have a guest speaker for you, Danielle Grimes. As a biological engineer she offers a very scientific outlook on the #dontbeafruit campaign. She’s been riding for eleven years with a background starting her first year in western and then switching to english as well as owning her horse for eight years. 

Adding her knowledge to this campaign gives more insight on what putting yourself in unnecessary danger can do. The repercussions can be life ruining and even deadly. We hope you take her knowledge and use it in your own equestrian career.


Equine Daily on Helmets and You!

Kicking off my part of Equine Daily talking about helmets and my own personal experiences that brought me to my end game choice of wearing one. Making commentary on making sure you get all the facts on things and that you’re well aware of what  you’re doing and the choices you’re making for yourself and your riding career.


Holy shoot I rambled for 16 minutes guys.


Tack Trends from equine daily!


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Success in the Equestrian World (Equine Daily)

My approach to anon hate and why you should just live your own life and be happy. 

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