eqaul rights

Bullshit statements

Men can’t get raped.

Only white people can be racist.

All Christians hate gay people

Atheists are assholes. Women are incapable of causing harm physically or mentally. Women are not in control of their own sexualities. Women are not responsible for their negative actions. Being trans is a choice. You have to be a feminist to believe in equality. All feminist are manhating extremists. You have to be religious to have morals. Everything is the patriarchy’s fault.

All gay people hate Christians.

All black people drink 40s, eat fried chicken, and rap.

Blondes are dumb.

White men can’t jump.

Red heads are sluts.

All gamers are virgin basement dwellers.

Girls suck at sports.

Men don’t understand emotions.

Men can’t be feminine.

Only men can be strong.

Feminine men are gay.

Old people smell funny.

Black people can’t be racist.

You can use a racial slur so long as one person of that race says it’s ok.

Nigga, nigger is a term of endearment.

All gay people are flaming divas with high pitch voices who work as hair dressers or fashion designers.

Women who wear skimpy clothing want to be raped.

Gay people always wanna gossip.
Super skinny girls are twigs and therefore not beautiful.

Irish are drunks.

If a girl is bitchy she must be having her monthlies.

Girls can’t fight.

White people can’t dance.

Men can’t experience sexism.

Women can’t be abusers

Fat people are all overeating lazy blobs.

Skinny people dont have body image issues. White people can’t experience racism

Fat men/women can’t be sexy

All these statments are completely and total bullshit. However, tumblr likes to treat a lot of these as facts and thats wrong. So my dear peers none of these statements are true and only the ignorant believe these things to be true. Don’t let people like this affect or change you.

this is coming from a non-white person

  • shout out to the white people who get attacked for being racist when you aren’t
  • shout out to the white people who get told they caused racism
  • shout out to the white-straight people who get told they’re homophobic because of their sexuality 
  • shout out to the white people who get automatically judged that they are ‘white feminists’ because of their colour
  • shout out to the white people who get told you have no culture when you do
  • shout out to the white people who just enjoy a culture and its ways but get told that they are culture appropriating 
  • shout out to the white people who don’t want to be labeled feminist/who don’t like feminism but are pro equality but get hate anyway 
  • shout out to the cis-white (/straight) who get more shit than anyone on tumblr 
  • shout out to the white-neurotypical people who get told they shouldn’t even bother trying to help someone because you’re ‘useless’
  • shout out to the white people on tumblr who are innocent, who don’t start shit, who mind their own business yet are filled with anti white posts and statements telling them everything is their fault. 

to non-whites, stop trying to act like you’re spreading positivity ‘pro equality’ shit when you’re obviously anti white. 

there is a difference between knowing being white means you’ll be portrayed by the media and people nicer than being mixed,black,asians etc and saying everything is white peoples faults and that everyone who is white must be treated like shit.

Every time I get pulled over, or stopped on the street by a police office I make sure to open the copier memos on my phone and record what’s going on. I do this because I don’t want to be the next mile brown. I don’t want anyone to be the next mike brown. Racism is killing black youth.

I hate that I do that. I hate that I HAVE to do that. I hate that being black, causes me to live in constant fear for being murdered just because of the color of my skin.


International Men's Day

So this is a rather long post … But today is international men’s day and I have to admit, I’m a little saddened by some of the reactions to this… ‘It’s misogynistic’ 'Men don’t need a recognition day’ 'Every day is international men’s day’……. I shudder at the thought of all this being said in the name of feminism. So Lemme tell you my reasons why we need international men’s day:

1- Because men are still being pressured to fall into masculine stereotypes from a young age, and are expected to change these stereotypes themselves because 'They’re men, they have all the power’

2- Because men are suffering silently at the hands of female domestic abusers who think it’s okay because … He’s a man.

3- Because 13 men a week commit suicide in the UK because it’s not masculine to discuss feelings.

4- Because women still place an incredible amount of pressure on men to be all things to all women. To be 'intellectual yet a grafter, take care of his looks but not vain, a family man but not over emotional, tall but not lanky’ etc.

5- Because if a man reports a sexual assault by a female … He’s asked 'why didn’t he enjoy it?’

6- Because women can be sexist too

7- Because men aren’t our enemy

8- Because men are still expected to 'protect and provide’ for women.

9- Because men are still dehumanised and told they have no control over their bodies as they’re ruled by testosterone

10 - Because I’m a feminist. And that means equality. It doesn’t mean we deserve more attention, or they deserve more attention. It means, we face our problems together. I’ve got your back, you’ve got my back. I support you.

Dear Heterosexuals.

Lesbians don’t hate men. Lesbian’s date women who dress in what they feel comfortable in, not society’s judgement on boys. Clothes don’t define your sexuality or gender. All Lesbians haven’t been raped or fatherless. Lesbian’s aren’t just SEXUALLY attracted to women. We fall and we fall hard. The butterflies, the honeymoon phase, and the heartbreak. We get that too. Lesbian’s don’t need to have sex with a man to know who we are, just like you don’t have to sleep with the same sex to know who you are but sometimes I guess it does happen but not always. Lesbian’s don’t hate men. Lesbian’s don’t wanna be men. Being a lesbian isn’t a phase but it is possible we could fall in love with the opposite sex just like it’s possible for you to fall for the same sex but sometimes it isn’t. Love is love and it doesn’t matter. Lesbian’s don’t play the victim, it was just who we were cast as by you. Just because you see someone who identifies them self as a lesbian pregnant, doesn’t mean she was having sexual intercourse with a man, it might’ve been a sperm donation and if it was with a man, why do you care? It’s none of your business. Lesbian’s don’t wanna be that “Lesbian friend” We wanna be that friend. Lesbian’s don’t wanna date your other “Lesbian” friend. Just because Lesbian’s commonly use a strap during intercourse doesn’t mean we secretly want a penis in U.S. or attached to us. Heterosexual men do anal with females all the time, does that make them gay? No. Lesbian’s wanna be treated as the same as you because we love, we fall, we hurt, we catch feelings, we break, we make mistakes, we have commitment issues, we cheat, we mess up, and we are truly just the same as you. Lesbians are tired of heterosexual females leading us on, please stop. When Lesbian’s come out it doesn’t mean they are a different person now. We just accepted ourself and we want you to accept us too. Lesbians are human.

Sincerely Lesbians