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one fell to the earth like a comet, 
the other rose up like a mountain -
and yet it is opposites that prevail.

i. when she fell, 
she dug into the earth. 
she planted her roots, 
and held her ground. 
(never again would she lose her home) 
she would support the world if she had to. 

-the immovable object- 

ii. when she rose, 
she soared. 
she flew into the sky on wings made of dreams, 
and found her place amongst the stars. 
(but what goes up must always come back down) 
she would bring the world to new heights no matter the cost. 

-the unstoppable force- 

what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force? 

what happens when the immovable object and unstoppable force are on the same side? 

the answer: 
a universe of impossibilities is born.

—  they’ve got stars in their souls and galaxies their eyes (they’re immortal beings in mortal bodies) with the fires off suns in their hearts // e.q.