i loved you for your never ending desire to live, you could nearly pull through anything. your mind is capable of living a thousand lives but your body cant keep up.

we have been counting down the days together and you remained as brave as you have always been.

i am very grateful for all the adventures we had and i can assure you that you will be deeply missed. i hope to one day find the drive you had to keep on going

sleep tight, love.

INTP real world

INTP: I’m smart! I’m creative! I’m ready for the world.

World: Welcome to the real world! Where emotional intelligence is everything!

INTP: And back inside I go!

INTP Beaten

INFJ: INTP! I know how to beat you!

INTP: Haha! What could you do to be me? I have no weakness.

INFJ: No! There is one thing that you can’t beat!

INTP: What?

INFJ: This! 

INTP: *Hissing*