Emma’s death theory

I’m really glad we are getting to dive into Emma’s character here. I am hoping that this arc can give us what we were hoping the Dark Swan arc was supposed to. 

I have to suspects for which i think Emma is/ could be fighting against. 
Either herself or the EQ. 

Now I think the EQ would be the most obvious suspect. 

#1. Lana is not seen anywhere with the group of friends. so it gives a possibility. 

#2 Hyde said your villain is someone you are going to try an help/ advocate for. I can definitely see Emma trying to do this for the Evil Queen, despite all that she throws at them simply because she is a part of Regina and she never wants to intentionally hurt Regina. 

#3 its always been The Savior coming to Storybrooke to defeat the Evil Queen.

The reason why I think it will be some weird Emma vs Emma is…..

#1the playing out of her own story. She has these darker demons that she never really fully faced. And we found with the oracle and Rumple that visions arent always what we think they are going to be.  

#2 This would give a twist on how to get Emma to face her demons without actually killing the character.

Regardless of who is under the hood, I dont think Emma is actually going to die, die. 

If i had it my way, I would want Emma to get stabbed. And then Hook trying to save her with a true love kiss or heartsplit or something and it not working. And then here comes running Regina to the rescue. VIVA LA SWANQUEEN

When looking at a new barn for my horse:
“How often are the stalls cleaned?”
“Do you have automatic fly sprayers?”
“How many bags of shavings do you use?”
“What do you feed? And how often?”
“Do you offer blanketing?”
“What type of footing does your arena have?”
“How often do you drag it?”
“How big is your turnout?”

When looking at a new apartment for myself:
“Is there hot water?”
“Was anyone murdered here?”