Hey everyone-

Just wanted to check in. No I didn’t die. I started a new job this past week and things have been insane. Grown up life: the struggle is fucking real. But I’ll still make plenty of time for all of you lovely people.

I’m going to knock out some of these questions in my inbox right now hopefully.

Also last weekend I practiced what I preached and went to some mini clinics. I watched Clinton Anderson and Jonathan Feilds, both two of my favorite non-english clinicians. My friend actually rode dressage in one of Jonathan’s clinics last year and she loved working with him. His mother was a dressage trainer, and he has worked with this one guy, I think his name was George Morris, (lol). He actually schooled English for the clinic and it was great to see. I love cross training horses (and riders!) in multiple disciplines as it benefits the mind and body.

I ran into Clinton Anderson as I was walking to the arena. Snapped this quick selfie with him because I’m a nerd. Rocking the double chin because i was just so excited.


This video is so aesthetically pleasing, that I probably watched it like for 78974 times.