He slips into Zechs’ office with a grin. “Welcome back from Mars.” He presents him a bouquet of flowers and a balloon with a teddy bear on it.



Zechs’ eyes widen and he gives Quatre the biggest, warmest smile he’s ever seen. “Thank you, Quatre. They’re perfect.”

He looks to the balloon, setting the flowers on Zechs’ desk. “I was a bit unsure about the balloon. I wasn’t positive it was conveying the right message.” Tugs the balloon forward and studies it. “‘Welcome home from Mars. A five-year-old got you a balloon.’”

He crouches and waits in the shadows silently, impish grin on his face, ready to pounce as soon as his lover enters the room


Zechs comes home from work with a smile on his face. Nothing went wrong (for once) at the office, he actually was able to secure the time off he’d requested, and now he got to come home and see his beautiful fiancé. Things couldn’t possibly get any better.

The softest of giggles is the only warning before he launches himself at Zechs, putting all of his body weight into the tackle. He rolls them so he takes the brunt of the fall, then rolls them over again and gnaws playfully on his shoulder.


epyon06 said: Zechs’ eyes widen as he takes in the sight of his lover dressed in a maid’s outfit that barely covers his thighs. He swallows roughly, his eyes glued to Quatre’s lower half. “Perhaps a glass of water?”

Quatre looks around the office. He feels like he is the worst maid ever. He moves around, looking, and grins. The plunks the half-empty bottle of water onto the tray and moves over to Zechs, offering it to him with a grin. “Water, Master Zechs?”