Illustration - Star Wars fan art by Drumond Art

“Star Wars illustrations I did, commissioned pieces and fan art.
Special focus on Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Tools: Epson Scanner / Brushes / Pencil / Pen / Parallel Pen / Indian Ink / White Acrylic / Quink Ink"


Untitled by Andrew James via Flickr
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Home developing and scanning.

After more problems, I discovered the slowness of the Silverfast software to save my scans was down to it needing more processor power than my machine had. Good though the programme is, I changed back to using the VueScan software I already had.  This solved the immediate problem, but it has far less in the way of editing tools before the scan, so I may have to look at adding some processor power to fully utilise the quality that is available on the Epson V800 scanner.

Theses scans are all from Rollei 80S processed ID11 1;1 12.5 minutes at 20 degrees.