Daddy’s Lil Darling galloping at Magdalena Farm May 13, 2017.

After finishing 2nd in the Kentucky Oaks, Daddy’s Lil Darling is pointing for the Gr1 Investic Oaks at Epsom Downs.

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Dancing Rain wins the 2011 Investec Oaks at Epsom on Friday 3rd June, at odds of 20-1. Get in there you beauty :D

So anyway, a few weeks back it was that time of year when I allow ‘er Majesty to get within spitting distance of me (hence the hat). Otherwise known as the Epsom Derby, it’s right on my patch and is the occasion of a historical mixing of royalty, lords, ladies, gypsies and hoi-poloi. I guess that last one’s me. I’m a non-gambler, so I’m only there to eat ice-cream and ride the helter-skelter.

Looking at this picture makes me 'sadface’ though, because not long after I shaved the beard, for reasons that seemed important at the time but turned out not to be. But I’m growing it back, so all is cool, and, hey, I’m never to old to learn a new life lesson.


I’m sad to admit it, but I’m usually fairly single minded when walking about. I’ve always got music on and I just want to get to my location as quick as possible usually blocking most of the world out.

Perhaps when walking down Oxford Street or travelling to and from work, this stance would be fine, but today on my way home, I decided to stop and take in some nature. I turned my music off and took a detour to walk around the wooded areas of a Epsom downs and decided to take some photos on my way.

It’s something I plan to do more, I guess I can only really speak for myself, but I’m always seeing people with music blaring, looking straight ahead rigorously or burying their heads into phones and tablets (myself included), it does make me wonder what all this is doing to our brains.

I’m interested to see what else I will see along my travels, when I take the time to actually observe the world around me!

Okay this is a serious post unlike 90% of things today

Has anyone reading this had any waiting staff experience? Especially anyone who has worked at Kempton Park, Sandown or Epsom Downs for Compass Group? Because my first day is on Thursday and I have never waited upon anyone in my life and I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself for about 8 hours. How do you even write down orders efficiently.. This is my main worry.


It's hella busy again at work this morning...

But I have my bets all set up for the Investec Derby Day!! Any followers of mine that follow horse racing let me see what horses you’ve picked for today (:

Here’s my totepool place sheet -

Race 1 - 1.40pm - 4, Tanfeeth - 9/1

Race 2 - 2.10pm - 4, He’s So Cool - 10/1

Race 3 - 2.40pm - 7, St Moritz - 7/1

Race 4 - 3.15pm - 1, Captain Dunne - 6/1

Race 5 - 4.00pm - The Investec Derby Race - 9, Pour Moi - 6/1

Race 6 - 4.50pm - 10, Bourne - 3/1

I’ve also put a cheeky 50p each way on Masked Marvel at 33/1 for The Invested Derby race @4pm because of his name :3

So Tumblr, who do you fancy?

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