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Zaeed! YES! Can we talk some more about how much I love Zaeed? His personality is just… he’s perfect. He’s a man who really ‘gets it’. The galaxy is a mess, and you can’t save everyone, so he just powers through life doing what he can.

My dear, my default setting is ALWAYS TALK ABOUT ZAEED ALWAYS

He’s pragmatic, for all that he gives off the “batshit crazy bloodthirsty merc” vibe most of the time, he’s a smart son of a bitch. 

And I love him far too much for what is considered healthy

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What you really need is a rechargable controller. (And if you don’t have a vibrator that plugs in, you’re doing something wrong ;) )

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…ah the joys of rechargeable battery packs.


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I literally hadn’t seen a nun til I was 17. Thought they were like unicorns.

So, you thought that novelists and TV programs has got together to makebelieve nuns? I love you. The narwhals thing - at some point in my youth I’d heard the victorians had a tendency to fake taxidermy creatures, and I somehow got it into my youthful brain that narwhals were one of the things they faked? When I was 21 I said ‘I like narwhals, it’s a shame they aren’t real’ to Jos and he duly corrected me and mocked me for weeks.

(I was wrong, the victorians just took narwhal horns and said they were unicorn horns)

j-avik-deactivated20140705  asked:

heya, noticed you did one of those ask thingies soooo... i'm intrigued, what about 58 and 81? hope all is well with you ;D

wow, thanks hun! everything’s fine over here :) x

you’re honestly the first person to ask me any of those. oh gosh alright, let me see…about my strangest talent, that would probably be mimicking other people’s voices really well, or cracking various joints in my body. admittedly that’s all not very strange of me but hey at least there’s something hahaha. ok, as for 81, I’d probably go with the following:

1. hexagonass

2. officialbioware

3. clutt3rbuck

4. epsilonbeta

5. its-lola-here

(The list has no specific order, mind you. In all honesty, choosing just 5 blogs makes no sense anyway cause I love you all equally, want to eat pancakes with you and play video games with no pants on)