epsilon (off)

“Play it again Epsilon.

You sure? I’m not sure how healthy this is, Sis.

…Just play it again.”

warm-water-leaf  asked:

You're into OFF as well?! Your style is so perfect. Oml. Praise pls.

omG YES,, i love OFF!! it was one of the first games that really made me think of my position as a player, on top of all the other mind fuckery.
the stylization has always been a big inspiration to me, since Mortis Ghosts’ gnarly and sketchy style is like, my aesthetic 💕

RvB14.17 thoughts

Okay, regardless of the actual content of the episode, I’m just… really excited that they’ve now established Recursion Shenanigans as a Thing?  Every time we’ve seen bits of the iterations in the memory unit before now they’ve all been relatively plausible, standard (hilarious) Blood Gulch scenarios, but now they’ve just told us that pretty much anything is on the table.  

And these adventures are outside the canon continuity, sure, but they still actually happened, at least to Epsilon, and he would remember them because that’s what he does.  There are just so many possibilities!

Just imagine Church in season 12 or 13, hanging out with Carolina and the guys, and then suddenly he remembers Tucker hitting on Lady Grif and getting shot in the lap and he cracks up laughing and can’t even begin to explain why because where do you start.  Imagine that he’s in the armory with Carolina and they’re trying to get something specific from Double-O Donut, who is just running off on tangents about which gun best compliments her armor and Church starts to wonder what Donut would think of the female version of himself and suddenly the conversation isn’t quite so frustrating.  Imagine all the other things that he saw and experienced in that memory unit, the endless scenarios and adventures that keep him occupied on the quiet nights when everyone is sleeping and he remembers exactly why he’s there.

Imagine that as the war progresses and it becomes clearer to Epsilon that he’s not going to last much longer he realizes that these are things that only he remembers, iterations of friendships that mean so much to him that are going to be lost to time.

Imagine, when everything is over and the guys come back from the Staff of Charon, victorious but not celebrating.  They get their messages and their goodbyes (or lack thereof), and Caboose cradles the little chip that’s all he has left of his Best Friend, takes it back to his room, and activates it and…

“Hey buddy,” the recorded hologram says.  It looks away for a second like it doesn’t know exactly what to say, and then this last memory of Epsilon turns back to him and says: “So remember when we first met and you told me all those ridiculous stories about what you and the guys got up to in the canyon?  Well… I thought I might return the favor…”

And there are so many stories.  So many new stories and adventures for him to listen to, to be a part of, and after a while Caboose isn’t even crying anymore. 

A Second Wasn’t Long Enough

Prompt: @powerfulpomegranate  So we all know Church has the world’s most extreme martyr complex, so how does he react when someone else takes the fall to save him?

Christ you guys play fucking hardball. Not gonna lie this one hurt even worse than the first one. 

Triggers: GORE, language, serious emotional trauma

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Church screamed. “D, options, now!”

“Sniper shot. System 99-Series 5 AM Rifle, famous for breaking through high energy shielding and armor alike. At current velocity and trajectory the shot will puncture Agent Carolina’s spinal cord.”

“How did we miss it?!”

“The shot originated from a secluded spot in the cliff face 5.6 miles to the east. While their camo would have failed at close range at such distance scans passed over them entirely.”

“Would shields stop the bullet?”

“Sorry,” Theta said, “That might slow it down some but I… I don’t think it would stop it. I’m sorry, I’m sorry-“

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