eps. 3x12


baby belly - from week 10 to week 40 - timelapse video 

video by ig user:  Mimi Ikonn

Warning: the video shows the female body in only swimwear…if anyone has a problem with skin.. 

Dear confused  Quintis fandom - pay attention to the week 17 image… Every body is different, and so is every bump… but  not everyone is huge before week 25…

Remember they are filming ep 3x12 now, and it is around NewYears in the shows universe/time…and that should be somewhere around week 15-19 mark - depending on the details…for Happy, and the due date is late spring, and its only Dec/Jan in this ep (after Xmas) 


I swear to gOD if Bryan dies I’m going to lose my crap. He is just a tiny ball of sunshine who only wants to be happy ever after with Miller. They are one of the few good things this ugly ass season has, idk wtf am I going to do if they break up or one of them dies, honestly.

Olivia Stuck Gif Pack [ Kirby Buckets Ep. 3x12 ]

BELOW THE CUT, you will find #63 gifs of OLIVIA STUCK. Each gif was made by me, from start to finish. She’s most known for her role as Dawn in Kirby Buckets and for her short role as Missy in Girl Meets World. The gif sizes are 245x160. You may edit these into gif icons or crackships or whatever as long as you credit me. Please do not repost these. Give this a like/reblog if using or if you’ve found these helpful !


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