eppy and the beatles


“I am determined to go through the horror of this world.” -Brian Epstein

September 19th, 1934 ~ August 27th, 1967.

I’ve noticed a distinct lack of posts regarding Brian Epstein and on the anniversary of his death, I think he deserves to be honored, remembered and cherished. 

I have always adored and admired Brian for what he was, what he fought for and all that he achieved. The unsung hero of the 60′s, he is, without a doubt, among the most talented and resilient of businessmen to have ever lived, as well as being known by all aquatinted with him as kind, selfless, caring and hard working.

Despite facing the oppression of society, being persecuted for his religion and sexuality, Epstein fought relentlessly to achieve his dreams and he succeeded with flying colours! Now, a vast proportion of the musical development which helped lead to the cultural revolution of the 60′s (which still shapes our world today) is owed to him.

R.I.P. Eppy. Thank you for exposing us to incredible music which has brought so much joy, peace and love into our world and touched the hearts of many.

Thanks for existing, Eppy! Your work lives on! xxxxxx &♥!

- “My biggest asset is Brian Epstein.” -Cilla Black.

“Brian Epstein showed me that no dream is too impossible and no person too unlikely to realize that impossible dream. When I found myself unable to find a living, breathing mentor, I found the story of Brian Epstein.” -Vivek J. Tiwary .

“If anyone was the fifth Beatle, it was Brian.” -Paul McCartney.

“He was a beautiful fella.” -John Lennon.

“He was so much more than a manager. When my mother passed away he visited my dad. That’s the compassionate person he was. I’ve never found anyone who took better care of people than Brian did.” -Billy J Kramer.

“The story of a man who threw the biggest party of the 1960s, but ultimately forgot to invite himself.” -Tom Hanks.

Brian's Premonitions ( Closed Starter )

Closed Starter for @memeteamyomi

“JOHN!” Brian shouted before he could stop himself, immediately afterwards he smacked a hand over his mouth. It was rather early in the morning to be shouting like that.
A wave of relief crashed through him.
They were okay.

“Brian, what the hell?!” John barked back angrily. He was now holding the phone away from his ear since his manager just blasted his ear drum out. He gently brought it back though, to hear what he had to say.

“Sorry, sorry…!” Epstein whispered after gasping for breath. He happened to stop breathing between the time it took for him to dial the number and when it was picked up. “…Now, John, listen to me and listen to me good. This…this is important.”

“Eppy?” Lennon sat up a little his anger switching to concern as he heard both the gasping for air and the intensity in Brian’s voice over the line. “Is everything alright? Are you alright?”

“Nevermind about me, I’m fine. John, please, please don’t come to Abbey Road today-”

“What? But we’ve got a record to do!”

“I know that! I know!” Brian snapped. “John Lennon I am begging not to come today. Please. Tell Paul, George and Ringo too. I’ve got to go.”

“Brian, wait-!”

But Brian had already hung up.

High Tide


The date was February 21st, 1964 in New York city. The Beatles were on their first American Tour, and the day they performed on Ed Sullivan two weeks prior, they reconnected with their old friend from grade school, Gloria Edwards.

The bird was now on tour with the lads as their sort of tour-guide for America. They thought she new everything about America, and while she knew most things about the bigger cities such as San Fransisco and New York, she had a hard time knowing more than the lads when it came to newer, unfamiliar places though.
In New York, so far they had snuck off to see the Statue of Liberty, and nearly ended up in a terrible situation that involved a stranger with a knife at the pier. They narrowly dodged the situation, and soon enough Brian found out about it. Their manager, worried for his lads’ safety opted to join them on whatever they were doing therefor after on the tour, much to their dismay. They felt that it limited their options, and freedom, but Ringo didn’t mind much.
The drummer seemed even a bit more chipper now that Brian was joining them on their small detours through New York.

John insisted early that morning on checking out the beaches, if there were any near by, and Gloria showed them to a small one that was close to the hotel they were staying at. 

The Beatles, photographed by Brian Epstein on the tarmac at Liverpool Airport, September 4, 1962, en route to making their first record in London.

‘The big day dawned wet and windy, and it wasn’t far past sunrise when the Beatles had to be up, out and gathered at Speke for their first-ever flight from Liverpool Airport. This was still the same unimproved strip where Paul (and probably George) had spotted planes as a child and where John worked the 1958 summer holiday as a kitchen assistant, spitting in the sandwiches. Brian had promised to write a Mersey Beat report about the recording session and started off by taking a photo of the Beatles on the runway. The combination of the wind, the rain, the appallingly early hour (8:10am), the old Viscount propeller plane they were about to board, Ringo’s strange hairstyle and grey streak, George’s unmissable shiner, bad haircut and particularly protruding ears, and four distinctly unsmiling faces waiting for Eppy to get on and take the bloody thing, makes for one of the least flattering but most intriguing of all Beatles photos. If every picture tells a story, this one’s an exhibition’

The Beatles - All These Years: Volume One: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn