eppy and ringo

The Beatles, photographed by Brian Epstein on the tarmac at Liverpool Airport, September 4, 1962, en route to making their first record in London.

‘The big day dawned wet and windy, and it wasn’t far past sunrise when the Beatles had to be up, out and gathered at Speke for their first-ever flight from Liverpool Airport. This was still the same unimproved strip where Paul (and probably George) had spotted planes as a child and where John worked the 1958 summer holiday as a kitchen assistant, spitting in the sandwiches. Brian had promised to write a Mersey Beat report about the recording session and started off by taking a photo of the Beatles on the runway. The combination of the wind, the rain, the appallingly early hour (8:10am), the old Viscount propeller plane they were about to board, Ringo’s strange hairstyle and grey streak, George’s unmissable shiner, bad haircut and particularly protruding ears, and four distinctly unsmiling faces waiting for Eppy to get on and take the bloody thing, makes for one of the least flattering but most intriguing of all Beatles photos. If every picture tells a story, this one’s an exhibition’

The Beatles - All These Years: Volume One: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn