epoxy space


Epoxy presents PORTAL; a phenomena obsessed by two artists from the Bay area with similar interests in abstract landscapes and forms representing the natural world. Showing a new body of work and mural by Charles Sommer. Graphite drawings meticulously rendered of organic forms surrounded by repetitive patterns that either merge or face black or white portals. They will be surrounded by a mural similar to the environment the organic forms reside in the drawings. One can reflect on the unidentifiable creation of natural forms in the same presence as the infinite galaxy pool or as one would say, the black hole. Also featuring works by Kasey Lou Lindley who draws from similar terms dealing with patterns in nature and questioning the idea of the “natural’, what exactly is it? She will be revisiting a process from a body of work during her undergrad where a section of the wall appears to be peeling parts of an image. This is a way for her to create a space into an organic form and become flexible, mimicking the ‘natural’. She will also be including digital prints from her Interscapes series, similar in nature to Sommer’s work where the micro and macro phenomena are apparent as their inspiration.